Sunday, 27 September 2009

My First Design

Tutorial available HERE. Enjoy! :)

Just a quick post as I am very excited about this.

I went to Alamanda (mall) and saw a fabulous retro top displayed on the mannequin at Nicchi. I love the design as it looked so hippie chic. It was in flowy chiffon, but somehow it striked me pehaps I could recreate it in cotton.

Went back, chose the cheapest fabric from my stash (rag quality gingham here), wound up the elastic thread, attacked the sewing machine, and here is the mockup of my knock-off version!

I love it! So easy, I just used 2 pieces of rectangles! The softly shirred neckline gave it a mock turtleneck effect. And the possibilities! This could be a dress or layered on long sleeve t-shirts for cooler weather. I'm sure this design has been around for ages, but I just sewed it up the way my brain thinks would work lol

I'm working on a few more to improve on the technique. I might be brave enough to come out with my first tutorial for this haha, can I?

Tell me what you think ya? :)

Aisha is the perfect model because of her very slim frame. My 9yo loves it and not bothered with the shirred neckline. Not sure if my toddler Hanan would feel the same though lol!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Pinafore Top for Aisha and Round Collar Dress for Hanan

Ready for Actions
I managed to finish these two before our balik kampung trip.
Aisha's top took a few days to finish as it's from this Japanese pattern book (ISBN 9784834727067, pattern #19) and I was stuck.
Aisha being picky yet modest, decided on this top when she saw the Japanese girl modelling it wears it with a t-shirt inside. She chose a blue polkadot cotton from my stash.
The pattern looks really simple to make but with my no-can-read Japanese limitation, I just could not figure out the strap part. Somehow the way the Japanese designer attached the strap to the bodice and then attach it to the skirt was beyond me. I really respect their innovative work though! The skirt was actually enclosed inside a faced bodice and the strap is supposed to be encased inside the bodice (pening!). So there were a lot of "right side" "wrong side" actions there. In the end I just attached it the way I think will work and gave up on the elastic casings back and just shirred a few rows instead. I think it turned out pretty and unique for Aisha to wear with her favourite jeans.

Hanan's dress was a delight to make! My first pleats and round yoke! So happy...but...(why is it there's always a but in my projects??) you notice the upside down apples and pears??RoundCollarDress
Hahaha...I forgot all about the print direction when cutting and since the fabric is precious I just went ahead and sewed. It looks rather quirky and quite charming to me (nak pujuk hati le ni...) and if this was a cake it would be yummy :D
The pattern is again from ManiMina on etsy and fabric is from the wonderful Alexander Henry-Apples & Pears Collection & a red dots cotton for the yoke.
Right now I'm blogging from my parents-in-law place in Kota Bharu. Already missing my sewing machine J In Eid celebration mood I'm wishing all .....
Raya Wish

Monday, 14 September 2009

Shirred Sundress Done!

Pretty Girl On The Swing

Yes, everyone's saying it's easy and I was tempted. It is indeed really easy and such fun sewing it!

I used Smocked Sundress instructions from my favourite book Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I asked Kinokuniya to order the boook from the US as I could not find it in any bookstore in Malaysia. One of my most treasured books at the moment.

I used just half yard of fabric (Circle Blossoms In Mint by Dena Designs) for the dress (Hanan is a 2T at the moment). Saved a lot of time as there's minimal cutting. I fell head over heels in love with the elastic thread and finished the dress in just an hour. I used a different fabric for the strap as I've used up the whole half yard for the dress.

This is a definite "must try" if you haven't sewn it before.

Look how happy she is!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Hanan Featured On Grosgrain!

What a pleasant surprise! My little funnyface angel, Hanan is featured on one of my favourite blog Grosgrain Fabulous!

Kathleen, the blog owner hosts the most wonderful giveaways on blogsphere. Her creations are awesome and I just love the abundance of creativity featured on her blog. Hop on over to see for yourself!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Another Big One

Fabric : Amy Butler

I'm feeling that familiar sense of accomplishment after finishing this bag. But....sighhh....still BIG on Aisha!

I made this bag using this tutorial. I like the slouchiness of it plus Aisha asked for a bag that she can sling accross the shoulder. The steps are not difficult to follow, but if you are a beginner in sewing bags and like me, just sewing your 2nd bag, this will be a challenge!

My advice would be make sure you read all instructions carefully and take a close look at the pictures. This will save you some seam ripping session. And if you plan to print the pdf tute, please print it in colour! Believe me, I learned this the hard way, one of my dang moments.

I omit the interlining in for this project mainly because I don't have it and too lazy to drive to the supplies shop and a bit impatient too lol

I have problems figuring out the dimensions. I could not foresee that it's still an adult size huge bag until I put it on Aisha to take photos, just like the tote bag before. Is there any tutorial for kid's bag out there?
Or maybe all bags I made look better on ME? Hehehe...(another chubby angle...or am I in denial??)

Aisha loves it though. She chose the fabric herself and I must say it look rather retro-ish. I heart Amy Butler! The only solution we figured out is to tie up the shoulder strap a bit to make it shorter on Aisha.

This project is far from perfect. If you look closely you'll see the wobbly stitches and some really wonky corners. But it has it's own charm and the fact that it's handmade warms my heart. Cheers!
Hanan so kepoh-ci...and the girls need a haircut!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Weekend Sewing & My First Totebag!

Wonderful, wonderful weekend.
I love every minute I got to spend loving my babies and goofing around with them. Hanan right now is delightfully full of antics, always warming my heart with her vivaciousness, smiles and gurgling laughs. Aisha is growing up into a softhearted, beautiful little lady. I just wish I have more time to spend with them. Like every working mother, my biggest dream is to be home, where my heart is. But...well, there's a lot of buts, let's not go into them.

This weekend, I sewed two skirts (again), and surprisingly, managed to finished my first ever tote bag, yeay!!

The Skirts

I used this tutorial. Real easy and I like the midi-like pattern, not too full yet very feminine.

Aisha, working it and twirling in her new skirt.

Well, this one's for Hanan. But she refused to wear it! Oh well, one of her tantrum days...sighh...maybe next time :)

The Tote Bag

My first ever tote! Well, I'm more of a garment sewer as I've always thought sewing bags are just too much a hassle. But Aisha had been asking for a bag for few weeks already saying that she wants a nice one to bring to her extra classes etc. So I tried and made this one. It turned out HUGE!! The dimension is definitely not for a 9-year old lol!
But this project converted me! Not difficult at all and so satisfying. I'm gonna make more bags yeah! Aisha wants a smaller one so I'm already cutting another bag. Watch out for that one!
See how the bag went down below her knee erkk

It looks better on an adult though...(please excuse that chubby arm hehe...)

And of course, Hanan never wants to be left out. Hoarding the bag even if it's the same size as her! ;)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Lazy Days Skirts for the Little Ladies

Another skirt project...Oh so simple, so easy!
Aptly named Lazy Days Skirt, free instructions here. I actually whipped up two of these in less than 40 minutes!
I love the simplicity and clever use of fabric selvedges and ribbons. Highly recommended for beginners and ermm...when you need a quick sewing fix.

I used plain slubby cottons in soft pistacchio green for Aisha and soft taupe for Hanan. This project is perfect as I've had those lovely ribbons for so long waiting to be put to good use.

And now, the Lazy Days skirts in action!

Some cake for breaking of fast today perhaps? ;)


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