Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Been Busy Making My Patchwork Pillow Covers

Yes! I love patchwork so much and I am getting addicted to making these pillow covers!

Somehow, I am enjoying this freedom to create tremendously. It keeps me happy and gratified. I can't explain it, must be my inner creative desire speaking there lol...

This three - teal, green and blue ones..makes me smile every time I look at them :)

And this special one I made from Heather Bailey's long out-of-print fabric, from her Pop Garden collection. I match it with a fun chevron and it just screams spring to me :)

And I made a few in kids theme for the nursery :

And I had so much fun creating this dresden plate pillow! The yellow honeycomb dots is just so pretty to me and great pairing for those Lecien roses prints :)

And I'm so happy to finally delve into my Liberty lifestyle prints, I love Liberty florals, they just looks retro and very pretty!

Another one I made using Leah Duncan's new collection, Meadow. I love the modern look of this one :

And last but not least, my favorite shabby chic pillow cover, made from Tanya Whelan's new Slipper Rose prints....I dreamy!

They are all created for my new label Stitch by Zura and available for sale in my Etsy shop. Come drop by anytime!

I will blog more about items I make in the future. It's good for me to document my inspirations here. Feel free to pin on Pinterest! Thanks for still reading my friends! :)

Monday, 14 April 2014

Another Fabric Giveaway I Won Has Arrived!

Yeay! As mentioned before in this post, I won 2 fabric giveaways from Sew Mama Sew giveaway day last year. This one also comes from Canada from the lovely blog Fabulous Home Sewn. The blogger Fenna is a lovely lady, I'm so happy I discovered her blog during the giveaway :)

These are the pretty fabrics I won, I am so happy!

I mean who doesn't love cute owl prints? I love everything owl-y!

I love the jewel tones! They are fat quarters and I think this would make very cute baby girl patchwork quilts!

Thank you so much for the fabrics Jenna!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Second Label & My Etsy Shop!

Yesss! I've taken the plunge and created my 2nd label & opened my Etsy shop :D

I made this decision after much thought. I need a more neutral label as my first label Lovemelots Creations is just too girly for me to sew anything other than girls dresses. I can't even use it to sew boys outfits for baby E lol! So I just decided this time it has to be a label I could use for anything else I want to sew while Lovemelots will remain exclusively for girls clothing :)

Have you noticed the Etsy mini on the right of this blog? Yep, feel free to drop by! I love the freedom to create over there. I am still searching for my niche though but as of now I am just listing what I managed to sew up in between custom dresses order for Lovemelots, which currenly am operating solely on Facebook.

I am still thinking if I should change the name of this blog to Stitch by Zura or not. It's too much work for me at the moment so I'm just gonna let it be for now :)

Meanwhile, I have so many things to sew in between tending to this bubba of mine who is fast approaching his first birthday! I fast I can't believe it!


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