Friday, 8 August 2014

The Diva Collection by Tie Dye Diva!

I was so honored to be given the trust and opportunity to test for the very talented designer at Tie Dye Diva Sewing Patterns, Jen. TDD released two of their designs for the Diva Collection, and I had so much fun testing these patterns.

The first in the collection is the Coral Dress and Top. I tested the Top version in size 7/8 for my lil miss Hanan :) My lil model is a big girl now and  boy it is not easy sewing for bigger girls as they can be so opinionated! But I tried making it easier for both of us by asking her to choose fabrics and gently guiding her on how I think the prints would work together.

As you can see this gorgeous pattern allows you to select up to 5 fabrics to mix and match! Well, I didn't really go by the rule and just had so much fun selecting fabrics and trims for that cute apron!

Little Miss love it so much! I tested this pattern during Ramadhan so with fasting and the heat combined, I did not have the energy to drive to another location for photo. The front of the house would do lol

Closeup. The Coral Dress is very versatile, there are many options available. You can make either top or dress, with or without apron, and choose between 3 sleeves options - ties, flutter or cap. I made the cap sleeves for Hanan. And this dress is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to shir! Jen gives excellent tips and tutorial on shirring, it is very easy, you'll have fun, I promise!

The back. Love the Coral, it is Hanan's favorite too as she is more of a top and leggings girl than dresses :)

Next in the Diva Collection that I tested is the Sterling Ruffle Leggings. There is also options of ruffle shorties and this pattern is easy, easy, easy! Seriously you could finish making this in 1 hour tops!

I used a pretty floral knit fabric that I hoarded years happy to finally use it! The knit fabric you choose would really make the final look of the leggings. The one I used is so thin and it curls like crazy especially on  the ruffles, but I think it adds character hahah... :P

I also sewed the top to go with the leggings in cute alphabet prints. I used the Bohemian Babydoll pattern by E&E. It's a tad big on her, but oh she will grow into it very quickly.

All is happy and well for the little model, yeay to pattern testing! I highly recommend all TDD patterns, I have bought almost all of them and used them over and over. Hop on over too the TDD pattern shop to view more. You will find that they do offer some items for Sale at reduced price from time to time.

Thank you for reading my friends! Till another sewing post have a beautiful day! 

Friday, 2 May 2014

The Perfect Party Dress Transformed As Perfect Maxi Dress! - A Tie Dye Diva Pattern Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to new hoppers! :)

I feel very honored when Kathy from Handmade Dress Heaven invited me to join this wonderful blog hop that she is hosting. We are to sew a dress using the Perfect Party Dress pattern by Tie Dye Diva (affiliate link) and we were asked to show variations or modification, big or small of the pattern. Today is the final round and I had so much fun reading other participants entries.

Now, I am a big fan of any pattern designed by Jen, the genius behind Tie Dye Diva (TDD), I have bought almost all of her patterns and have sewn many of them with much success! So I know that the Perfect Party Dress Pattern is indeed a great pattern used as is.

However, my intention during this blog hop is to show you how with a perfect bodice pattern block you can use it to transform the pattern into any dress you like. For instance, a maxi dress!

Yep, I did that plus empire waist and long sleeves! And my little princess is beaming, it was worth the effort :D

I managed to snap a few photos on how I modified the bodice pattern. I made a size 7/8 for my 7 yo girl. Here's how I do it :

Now you have altered front and back patterns. Note the changes I made on the fabrics to cut. I eliminated the lining and sash pieces to turn this into no-sash, empire cut dress :)

For the sleeves, you can actually use any sleeves pattern in your girl size from any of your existing pattern collection. I actually used TDD sleeve pattern from her Chelsea dress! I wanted a bit of a puff on the sleeves so I cut a bit wider on top and gathered as in photos below :

The sleeves were sewn to the lined bodice before the sides of the bodice are sewn. If you have sewn a dress before this is really not difficult at all! :)

To turn this into a maxi I just measured my girl from her chest down and add a 1 inch seam allowance. I did not put a sash. The dress has an invisible zipper closure. It is my favorite go to closure, so easy! There are many tutorials on the web for invisible zipper. I also added a dainty lace trim to pretty it up but still keeping everything else simple.

We went by the lake to take photos. My princess had her moments of tantrums (she hates mummy giving her "princess pose" orders lol)...but I kept telling her how pretty and poised a princess she is so I managed to snap some good ones I guess.

I love the background here...just like a real castle lol

Princess pose done right haha

Princess in her garden...

By the beautiful lake...

Of all the photos this is the one that I love most. My little princess in her perfect maxi dress!

I hope you can try and transform a dress from the Perfect Party Dress pattern too! You can be your own designer with this pattern. Try your design on a muslin first if you need to see if it works. I did! I tested the pattern on a muslin bodice and sleeves before I cut into my good fabric to test the fit. Trust me, you'd have so much fun! :)

Thank you for reading and don't forget to visit everyone's blogs in the blog hop!

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My Baby Erfan Turns One!

Yup, on the 27th of April my lil honey bug turned 1 and I still can't believe how fast time flies...Goodbye baby and welcome toddlerhood!

We had a small family celebration at my parents' place in Bangi. I wanted Erfan's first birthday celebration to be special even if we are not having a full on birthday party, I still wanted to have a theme and plan around and sew the decor myself. Brace yourself for pic heavy entry! :D

First up, the cake! I wanted a bright aqua and red, baby elephant theme. So I ordered this cake from Scrummycakedesign (she's on Instagram) and it turned out amazing!

LOVE the cake! And I also ordered some sugar cookies from Rollypops by Lyza Ghazalli (she's on Facebook). I wanted elephant shape cookies in the theme colors. And she did an amazing job!

I made a quilted table topper a week before the party. I used a table topper pattern by Kimberbell Designs. This one is truly made with love! :)

Sorry phone pic :P

Sorry phone pic :P

So overall I am happy with how the main table was set up :

I also sewed some buntings and garlands to add to the festive mood :

And the birthday boy? I sewed this cute shortall the day before :

I appliqued the elephant on the chest, I think it adds character and of course to fit the theme lol...I used an older shortall pattern by Tie Dye Diva.

Birthday boy was having a nap when I woke him up to change and blew the candle, hence the spaced out look on his face lol :

Here's the front and back of the shortall :

With big sisters who were having a blast because they get presents too lol

My 3 Angels....
The highlight of the day, baby first cake bashing session! It was so funny how Erfan keeps messing with the cake. He only ate a handful though lol...

Love his expressions! 

And finally, overwhelmed and perplexed with all the presents he gets lol

It's been a long time since we had a family birthday celebration. My parents now have 7 grandchildren and we always celebrate at their home and the tradition is each child will get a present from grandparents, aunties and uncles. So we had to combine the celebration to save lol

My bubba Erfan, he has come so far! He is my cheeky sunshine, so active and a happy baby. Kisses and more kisses!


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