Thursday, 28 February 2013

6 Months Along & Baby Fever!

Hello there!

Yup, I am now 6 months pregnant and getting more and more excited every day to meet our little family's new addition :)

The pregnancy this time around is pretty tough though...constantly lethargic & fainting spells, you name it. I guess this comes in a package, being pregnant at 37 years old....And the fact that I have a full time office job...hmmm...let's just say I am not exactly an asset to the organisation at the moment...oh well...I have plans for that though...will announce when everything is confirmed :)

And now, that lil bub inside me? The doctor is pretty sure we are going to have our first (and perhaps only) BOY!!

Our 3D scan did not give a very clear photo of the gender because baby was really camera shy lol...but we got a glimpse of his sweet face...and that cute nose? Hmmm....daddy's boy he is! :D

We went for another ultrasound to check on baby's heartbeat after I had another fainting spell, and this time the doctor was able to get a pretty clear potty shot and she was 80-90% confident of the gender :D

Oh we are beyond happy! And the smiles & proud face of my husband is priceless...he is also such a sweetheart now, extra caring & attentive towards me, this baby is bringing SO much love to the family :)

Sewing wise, I am on a roll, perhaps because I didn't get a chance to sew for my 2 girls when they were still in my tummy (because I have not started seriously sewing till 2009)....And I have also caught the quilting bug, will blog about it later. Nowadays I have been dreaming of sewing for boys, browsing the internet for inspirations as well as this cute!

Here's to sewing for that little man in your life, yeay!! :D


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