Friday, 18 February 2011

I Worry Therefore I Sew...Passport Cover

I am, by nature, a very, very restless person. Can't sit still and have a whirlwind of a brain. And with that comes the constant worrying (and also proneness to being depressed). Add free flow of caffeine loaded coffee, stress is an understatement. I worry about everything - my exam (which is next week, eek!), my little sister, my girls, my money (which I don't have erkkk), oh the list is endless. I needed to take a breather.

So last night, I took 1 hour break from speed reading to de-stress a bit and sew myself this passport cover. And that fabric? Ooooohhhh...what a perfect way to sooth myself, so pretty! It's Kokka Trefle print in the most delicious, soothing combo of pink, grey and soft pistachio green. I bought it few months back from Sue at MyBotang ( pssst Sue! I want more! :D ).


I fussy cut the fabric to get that front print placement, and fussy cutting means lots of small leftover pieces. So I patched the sleeves inside with leftover pieces to get those lace border as shown. I also found an old Egyptair boarding pass in my passport so just to demonstrate, the picture showed how I could just slip it in the side pocket. Me, being a klutz (it's true, hubby would attest to that, he knows how clumsy his wife is lol), always misplaced stuff and the last thing I wanna lose at the airport is the boarding pass (it happened before! :P).

All in all, I can't believe I let my passport went naked all this while. This passport holder makes it look so much better and not to mention the girly print makes it chic! I really need to board a plane just to carry it, a vacation perhaps?? (hint hint hubby dearest!)

I am in better spirits now, happy to get back to immersing myself in books. Thank you for reading my friends and stay beautiful! :)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Fresh and Bright

I would like to begin by saying THANK YOU for all the prayers and well wishes for my little sister. We are very grateful of every single thoughts coming from all of you, our wonderful friends. Today, the doctors informed us the surgery will be held next week and they will try their level best to remove the tumor. At last, a ray of hope for my little sister and we have strong faith in Him....

To brighten up a bit, I just can't wait to show you another party dress in this very pretty, fresh and bright Alexander Henry print. Sewing it makes me smile and for awhile, makes me forget life's suffering. Therefore my friends, you would understand why, when I say that I would never, ever stop sewing...

For Melia's Baby Girl - Size 3T. Thanks Mel! :)

Monday, 14 February 2011

My Heart Is Bleeding...

For my little sister...who's condition is getting worse by the day. Right leg is now paralyzed and the left is getting heavier. She is back in the hospital, as the pain is just so bad the doctors are giving her morphine to manage it, like 4 times a day. She found the courage to smile for the camera for one minute and the next she's a total wreck, crying and asking when it's all gonna end. I have no answer, only Allah knows and we are doing all we could for her. The doctors keep saying they need more time to analyse her case before surgery because it's complicated. Never has the word complicated scares me so much..

I can't sleep. Thinking, feeling, and the helplessness of it all consumes me. And I know that what I'm experiencing is just a fraction of what my little sister is feeling. The magnitude of worry is indescribable...I just need to write here because it's so difficult to talk about this with anyone. In my prayers, I beg and beg for God to help her and for my poor parents to get through this...I can't bear seeing them like is just too difficult...I need the courage and the strength, for the sake of my little sister whom I love so much even if I don't say it often...Ameen.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

More Dresses & Another Hiatus

Another baby dress in blue, a color that seems to grow on charming and full of character. In a sea of pinks, it's a breath of fresh air :)

Made it for Yana's pretty girl. I hope it fits her...and the quote, I swear Confucius was talking about me! :P 

Keeping it real, my turnaround time is less than ideal, but I am blessed with some wonderful, understanding customers/friends. Thank you! *hugs*

The party dress in size 8, the largest I've sewn so far. I love every bit of it. Thank you Nadiah! :)

And yes, yours truly have to lay low AGAIN....another long hiatus as my final exam is approaching yet AGAIN  (I might post one or two non sewing related entry though). Gosh I truly hate exams but I don't really have a choice do I?  :(   All custom orders will resume after the 26th of February, however fabrics are selling as usual.

Before I end, another moment shot of my lil one. Hanan loves the rubik cube but naturally she gets frustrated after a while...I love the "mom how do I do this/I need your help" look on her face here. Precious :)

Monday, 7 February 2011

The Flower Girl Dresses

*Warning : Picture Overload!!*

I can't help it...after making 3 flower girl gowns with my 2 bare hands using layers upon layers of charmeuse satin, tulle and sheer organza, you would understand my need to post as many photos as possible here lol

I must say, despite all that, this is one of the most gratifying projects ever! It is all worth it!

The wedding was on Friday. A simple reception at my in laws home in Sabak near Pengkalan Chepa in Kelantan. A great first experience for the girls as flower girls, penyeri majlis. My niece Asma Widad is still cruising so the bigger girls get to hold their beloved Aunt's hands and hand her over to the husband. It was beautiful, with relatives from all over, a great family event.

Being photographed by a professional photog while amateur momma sneaked in a snap lol

I used 3 different patterns from 3 different designers for these dresses. I customised each pattern to make them identical, but each pattern uses different techniques which help me learn about formal wear sewing. I used Rachel Dress Pattern by Sara Norris for Hanan's; Nonie's Girl by Ellie Inspired for Aisha's and Precious Dress by Carla C for Widad's. They are all available here on YCMT.

Enjoy the moments captured in the pics, I wrote some notes under each of them. Till later, have a wonderful week ahead my friends! :)

The 3 princesses in my life...

Pretty Princesses, Happy and Smiling

Aisha Alia - Softly Sweet Pretty Angel

Hanan Alia - Living Her Princess Dreams

On Duty - It was scorching hot and cue squinty eyes! lol

On Duty - Sharing a basket is not a good idea mom! lol

The beautiful bride; Widad and her daddy; Me and my girls, one happy momma.

Moment shot - Lil Hanan eagerly waiting to do her duty. I love how composed she looks, maintaining her princess poise lol. This pic is the new header as I give this blog a little makeover, hope you like it! :)

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Dreamy, Vintage, Roses, Lace, Hairband - All In One

I am blogging from my parents in law's in Kota Bharu. My darling sister in law is getting married tonight and the reception is tomorrow. Me, of course, so busy, like mama hen, racing to get stuff done especially for my 2 girls and my niece as the flower girls tomorrow. I made 3 identical flower girl gowns and I am so excited to put them on the girls! To complete the look, I made lots of fabric roses, some of it shown above. I have turned a few into these below - a dreamy, vintage lace hairband and 2 haircomb pins!

I am completely in love with these...they scream luxury, so worth the effort and time making them! I scoured the internet for hours for tutorials, in the end I just winged it my way, just so that I could make them faster. They sure are time consuming but the result...oooohh...!! I'll definitely post photos of the girls wearing them after the wedding, can't wait!

Do you like 'em? :) 

I've also been fiddling a lot with the camera and Photoshop. From now on I will end every post with a captured moment of my girls as they are growing up, starting with this one. Kakak Aisha was reading to her sister Hanan, on my bed...and that little one, still on the bottle at 3 yo...I love Hanan's attentive look here  :)


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