Friday, 29 April 2011

Time To Take A Break

Hello lovelies!'s been a while...I miss this space :)

I've been hanging around on Lovemelots Facebook page a lot lately. Lots of promo and getting orders for the upcoming Raya (Eid) together as well as sewing up a storm for the current orders. You know Malaysians are real hardcore Facebook users right? Read about it here . I'm sure Mark Zuckerberg loves us so much :D

I thank all of you for your wonderful and kind support as well as total understanding of my capabilities and its limitations. Keeping it real here, you ladies are wonderful and I feel such an honor to be given the opportunity and trust to dress the little princesses in your life. Now that I am at a juncture of my life where we are making the hard decision of "might" not having another baby, it's a personal joy for me to be able to sew dresses for your little darlings...I stressed on the word "might" there coz I know myself very, very well...I could change my mind in the next 6 months if I happen to see a wiggly lil baby that strikes the right cord with her cutie coo lol....

So now time to take a few weeks break as another whirlwind round of exams, presentations and term papers coming my way. I am still taking orders for Raya slots and fabrics are selling as usual through the shop.

I will return very soon after my finals, looking forward to a wonderful 3 months long break!! Woot woot to that and lots of sewing!! Before I go, here's a wall of some of the current creations by yours truly. THANK YOU and stay gorgeous!!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Pao The Elephant

Hello friends, meet Pao!

She is my daughter, Aisha's latest creation. Made from felt, with lots of love and entirely hand stitched.

Cute butt eh? And that teeny tiny tail cracks me up ahahaha....

Pao came from this book :

I bought this for Aisha at Kinokuniya. She loves Japanese felt craft books but not too keen with all the Japs characters so when she saw this one in English she was hooked and I just can't object. It's quite pricey at RM61++ but I want to encourage her to sew and nurture her creativity.

Wanna see how Pao actually looks like in the book?

Notice how Aisha changed her up a little? Ditch the red cap, stitch on the eyes, brighter mix of colors? That's what I try to encourage her, don't be too confined to what you see in the book, feel free to use your imagination and available resources. Her hand sewing is still rough around the edges, but I could see that it is slowly improving. The most important thing is she is proud of her creation and now creating more felt friends for her friends at school and also for her beloved aunt who's still in the hospital.

The girls are smitten with Pao and I think lil Hanan loves her more than Aisha! lol...

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Marissa Dress

You know how much I love anything Sis Boom right?

When I saw the Marissa Dress pattern release on Jennifer Paganelli blog, I just about swoon-ed! It is exactly the vintage look I love on a dress! Since I sew children's clothing, this pattern is a must have! The adult's version called Jamie Dress is equally fantastic too! Click here to see a wall of inspiring creations from Jamie & Marissa - you'll see a familiar face somewhere there (thank you Jennifer!) :)

I made the first one for lil Hanan to test the fit and feel of the pattern - gorgeous! That girl was all smiles and twirls....

Then made this pretty turquoise for Fin's lil princess, Dahleea, size 6-12 months. This dress has a zipper installed on the side seam.

And I made another baby Marissa for my beloved niece, Asma Widad when she came visiting.

Such a perky, happy little cutie, she is now 13 months old I can't believe how fast time flies!

This dress was made in Dena's pretty butterfly print. Also in size 6-12 months. Love it!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Darling Emily

 A few weeks back I sewed this ruffle top for a sweet customer, Emi. who wanted her daughter to wear it to a birthday party. It's Sis Boom Cathy pattern, and the fabric combo, I'm sure you etsy stalkers have seen a lot of these over there but I personally have never tried it. I think it is really cute!

Now, don't just take my word for it, Emi sent me pictures of her little girl Emily in Lovemelots Ruffle Top, look how adorable she is??

Isn't she darling?

This is what keeps me sewing! Thank you Emi! *hugs*

Thursday, 7 April 2011

MBA Is Not For Wimps

I am now in my third trimester of business school. It's a rough, tough, mind boggling course but somehow I am enjoying myself despite it all. If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know about last semester, when I went for that experiential business training and how I wanted to lessen my sewing to try for that straight As?? Well, of course I did not sew any less and of course I did not get straight As!! :P

However my result last semester was okay.... Again, recording here for my girls to read one day (and sharing with friends) I got As for both Marketing Management and Human Resource Management and only a B+ for Financial Management!! I know now where my challenges are! The previous semester it was Managerial Economics and now another mathematical/financial subject is the spoiler. I really have to work on these skills. On a happier note, alhamdulillah I maintained a healthy cgpa of 3.821 and am learning A LOT. In the end, it's the knowledge gained that really matters.

This semester, I am well into my specialization area, taking the first International Business course. I am lucky to be in a visiting American professor class for this subject. IB is a very challenging subject with economics, accounting, politics and cross culture all in one BUT learning it from a very experienced professor makes me enjoy every minute of the class. Total nerd I know! lol

All I wanted to say is, MBA is tough. But if you are doing it after you have been working few years you'll enjoy it. This semester would be tougher for me, as other than IB and Management Information System (which I love!) I am also taking Business Law, which is my least favorite subject of all time eurggh!

Ok, none of my blog post shall be without a picture. Now that we are on this scholarly topic, these are pictures of my girls posing as graduates complete with a graduation cap (morterboard) my Aisha made from paper. She is very into origami and the lil sister is more than willing to model lol. Let this serve as a message to me!!!

Lots of sewing posts coming up, stay tuned! *hugs*

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lots of Accessories Sewing

I have been sewing accessories like a mad woman this past few weeks. And I took some photos to document 'em here. Some are customer orders some are gifts for friends. They did consume a lot of my time, as much as I love the outcome of these, I have decided to stop taking custom orders for accessories and only sell ready made ones whenever I make them. I am now focusing on sewing little girl dresses only.

Some eye candies for you :)

Laptop Sleeve - Custom Order

Assorted Passport Sleeves. A few were gifted.
Bottom pic - Custom order for Puan Razmona & Family.

I received a few orders for the Curvy Clutch, using keykalou pattern. They always turn out cute especially using these quirky fabrics. LOVE!
Prom Curvy Clutch (large) - Custom Order
Vintage Print Curvy Clutch (large) - Custom Order

Baby Curvy Clutch (small) - A gift for my beloved Idamurni :)
That's all for now. I have so many things to write, about sewing, about my study, about lil sister, about everything....but sitting down long enough to do that proves more and more of a challenge lately especially now that the new semester has begun. I will return soon you can count on me. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend and stay gorgeous ladies! *hugs*


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