Sunday, 27 September 2009

My First Design

Tutorial available HERE. Enjoy! :)

Just a quick post as I am very excited about this.

I went to Alamanda (mall) and saw a fabulous retro top displayed on the mannequin at Nicchi. I love the design as it looked so hippie chic. It was in flowy chiffon, but somehow it striked me pehaps I could recreate it in cotton.

Went back, chose the cheapest fabric from my stash (rag quality gingham here), wound up the elastic thread, attacked the sewing machine, and here is the mockup of my knock-off version!

I love it! So easy, I just used 2 pieces of rectangles! The softly shirred neckline gave it a mock turtleneck effect. And the possibilities! This could be a dress or layered on long sleeve t-shirts for cooler weather. I'm sure this design has been around for ages, but I just sewed it up the way my brain thinks would work lol

I'm working on a few more to improve on the technique. I might be brave enough to come out with my first tutorial for this haha, can I?

Tell me what you think ya? :)

Aisha is the perfect model because of her very slim frame. My 9yo loves it and not bothered with the shirred neckline. Not sure if my toddler Hanan would feel the same though lol!


  1. Zura, this is PERECT!!! I love how you did this!
    You can even use a pillowcase top pattern so you'll have the armhole curve cutout for a better fit. LOVE the design!

  2. Hi Denise! Thanks so much! I'd definitely try your suggestion as your technique using curve cutouts for armholes is great! saves a lot of definitely will improve the armholes as this one is not curvy at all lol!

    by the way, loving all your designs, keep coming with great patterns as i'm always on the lookout for them :)

  3. wow..that looks nice...

    Zura , now you can try it in beautiful girlish will look gorgeous on her

  4. oh my gosh. that is ADORABLE! I'm very impressed. Really cute. Thanks for sharing with me!
    I'll have to try it out!
    - dana

  5. Wah yang nie tak ikut mana2 patern ker? Cayalaaa cantikk tuh!! ehhee leh ar wat untuk aku satu ekk?? Mesti seksi...tiba2 aisha nampak seksi...hihihi nak pulak dia pakai!

  6. cantiknya.. bole buka store jual baju ni..
    *wink* *wink*..

  7. wah cunnya..
    zura, it looks great on aisha..really!

  8. Salam kenal Zura. Cantik baju sikecik tu. Jom ke kedai Moleq. Kami ada menjual abaya yang didatangkan dari dubai dengan harga berpatutan

  9. thank you ladies!

    i've to admit creating a tutorial is harder than it looks! hats off to those who managed to do it!

    neeza, buka store? jugak tu hehe

    angah (masni), aisha nak pakai untuk posing je...tu pun sorok-sorok kat depan rumah lol

  10. Zura!!! You won my giveaway!!! Please confirm this within 24 hours and then you can pick your 3 sewing tutorials!!

  11. I LOVE it and would be thrilled to have one for myself! Silk would be a dream! I'd love a tutorial for how you did the beautiful neck!

  12. Beautiful!! I would love a tutorial too ;o)

  13. It looks so beautiful. I would love to see a tutorial on it. I've only just learned how to shir!

  14. Thank you for the sweet comments ladies! I just posted a tutorial with a link on another tute on how to shirr. Let me know what you think and I looooove constructive comments :)

  15. Adorable! I love it! I would LOVE a tutorial! very inspiring! Thank you!

  16. Really adorable! I too would love a tutorial. Thank you.


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