Saturday, 19 September 2009

Pinafore Top for Aisha and Round Collar Dress for Hanan

Ready for Actions
I managed to finish these two before our balik kampung trip.
Aisha's top took a few days to finish as it's from this Japanese pattern book (ISBN 9784834727067, pattern #19) and I was stuck.
Aisha being picky yet modest, decided on this top when she saw the Japanese girl modelling it wears it with a t-shirt inside. She chose a blue polkadot cotton from my stash.
The pattern looks really simple to make but with my no-can-read Japanese limitation, I just could not figure out the strap part. Somehow the way the Japanese designer attached the strap to the bodice and then attach it to the skirt was beyond me. I really respect their innovative work though! The skirt was actually enclosed inside a faced bodice and the strap is supposed to be encased inside the bodice (pening!). So there were a lot of "right side" "wrong side" actions there. In the end I just attached it the way I think will work and gave up on the elastic casings back and just shirred a few rows instead. I think it turned out pretty and unique for Aisha to wear with her favourite jeans.

Hanan's dress was a delight to make! My first pleats and round yoke! So happy...but...(why is it there's always a but in my projects??) you notice the upside down apples and pears??RoundCollarDress
Hahaha...I forgot all about the print direction when cutting and since the fabric is precious I just went ahead and sewed. It looks rather quirky and quite charming to me (nak pujuk hati le ni...) and if this was a cake it would be yummy :D
The pattern is again from ManiMina on etsy and fabric is from the wonderful Alexander Henry-Apples & Pears Collection & a red dots cotton for the yoke.
Right now I'm blogging from my parents-in-law place in Kota Bharu. Already missing my sewing machine J In Eid celebration mood I'm wishing all .....
Raya Wish


  1. Salam Zura

    Eid Mubarak

    Thank you for stopping by Sew Chic and Unique i am loving your place and so glad you found me!

    I am adding your blog to my crafty mamas and looking forward to more of your crafty posts!


  2. Salam Mayya, thank you so much for dropping by my blog! I've already added your fabulous site here and will definitely visit often :)

  3. hello

    best nyer tengok another malaysian mama sewing stuff from ottobre :) me pun msian gak but skang ni living in canada and ottobre addict!

    great blog! and selamat hari raya!

  4. Hi Aida! Thank you sudi singgah :) you're in Ottobre group on flickr gak ya? I ni tengah practise bagi pandai jait dulu coz Ottobre takde picture tutorial lol! Hari-hari belek Ottobre nak jahit tapi a bit scared takut silap...but will definitely sew more from that fab mag.

    Selamat hari raya to you & family in Canada too!

  5. zura, i pun nervous first time with ottobre, skang ni terrer dah, i think i dah tackle the most susah nyer pattern in that proud ler..a'ah also on the otto flick group gak.

  6. love your are so talented!!!

  7. thank you jennifer! i'm still learning :)


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