Monday, 14 September 2009

Shirred Sundress Done!

Pretty Girl On The Swing

Yes, everyone's saying it's easy and I was tempted. It is indeed really easy and such fun sewing it!

I used Smocked Sundress instructions from my favourite book Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I asked Kinokuniya to order the boook from the US as I could not find it in any bookstore in Malaysia. One of my most treasured books at the moment.

I used just half yard of fabric (Circle Blossoms In Mint by Dena Designs) for the dress (Hanan is a 2T at the moment). Saved a lot of time as there's minimal cutting. I fell head over heels in love with the elastic thread and finished the dress in just an hour. I used a different fabric for the strap as I've used up the whole half yard for the dress.

This is a definite "must try" if you haven't sewn it before.

Look how happy she is!


  1. Very sweet girls - the dress is gorgeous.

  2. great! you made it. aisha tak nak ke?

  3. sweet hanan in a cute shirred dress! zura, u should make one shirred top for aisha as well.kesian aisha tau..

  4. Melinda, thank you for dropping by :)

    Kak Haida & Dura, hehe...aisha, being 9, very picky..tak nak yang seksi, taknak yang ikat-ikat tali memacam lagi. pendek kata dia punya taste baju yg level advance punya jahit, kecut perut mummy nak jait haha...tapi now I tengah berusaha keras nak siapkan top untuk aisha, pattern dia pilih sendiri dari buku Jepun..tengah stuck tak paham gambar dia hehe...harap2 boleh siap before raya :D

  5. zura.. kalo u nak beli buku bole try website ala, bnyk gk buku jahit.

    btw, nice dress. happy je Hanan memakainya :-)

  6. neeza, thanks for the info! ni i tengah browse the craft/sewing books kat acmamall, bestnya!


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