Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hanan Alia, 3 Years Old


You turn 3 today.

It’s amazing to see how you’ve grown from this chubby wiggly baby…

To the vivacious little girl you are today…

Right now you…

-          Are very passionate about everything Pinchess (Princess) even if you are a bit of a tomboy
-          Still sleeps with mummy, as every night mummy struggles to put you on the Pinchess Bed you love but never intend to sleep on lol
-          Are at your happiest when we go for a walk or family outing
-          Speaks toddler talk that at times only mummy understands
-          Replace all the K in your speech with T eg : tatat Aisha, butan, matan, taler etc LOL
-          Love your big sister to bits even though at your most passionate moments would pull her hair or scratch her face grrrr….
-          Still cry when you see grown Men except for Abah, Papatok, Tok Ayah, Ayah Li, Pak Wan and Ayah Mad (we are very perplexed of this trait you have since you're just a tiny baby)
-          Still on the bottle at nap time
-          Love to play with Abah’s iPod and know exactly what to do with all those apps
-          Hate vegetables *sigh*….
-          Love to play in mummy’s sewing room till the wee hours, keeping me company
-          Have the most infectious gurgle-y laughter AND the loudest wail, ever
-          Have a stronger bond with mummy than anybody else

Mummy and Abah love you so much, you are PERFECT.
Happy Birthday sayang….*hugs*

Monday, 26 July 2010

Chocolate Pie Top n More Camera Strap Covers

Why oh why does the weekend fly by so swiftly? It’s Monday again, another new week, another reason to worry why I can’t get many things done on the weekend like I’m supposed to…hmmm…typical me.

Here's a top I made for Hanan a few weeks back. I call it the Chocolate Pie Top. It’s a tad too long for her but not long enough to be a dress. I wanted leggings to go with it but the little miss was adamant on wearing her jeans.

My date was postponed yesterday so we went grocery shopping instead. See how her little highness enjoys eating her doughnut while being royally pushed in the shopping cart? :P

I also finished 2 more camera strap covers. The guitar print is for a man. Is it manly nough? I love that print though J

So what do you do after all those shopping and not enough sewing?

Eat, of course! J

Have a glorious week ahead lovely peeps! :D 

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Candy Bar Handphone Pouch & More Totes

Good morning! Ain't Sundays great? :)

Just a quick post on a few more long overdue projects I managed to complete last week. The above handphone pouch was custom made for a friend at work. I designed the pouuch loosely based on a purchased pouch. She got so many complement of the pouch that she came back and asked me to make 2 more pheww! *kena sabar ya Lin, macam biasa I lems...hehe*

This is a simple tote I whipped up for my domestic helper's little girl. She went back to her country for good after a 3 year loyal service with me. I very sadly let her go as her mother, who's taking care of her little girl is sick and she's needed to look after Putri. We keep constant contact though, she is practically family to us. Thank you Nur...

And this beauty is what I call The Love Tote! In glorious Amy Butler splendour! Another custom order for Lin, serves as her lug around bag as she tote her baby stuff. Love this fabric!

I'm off with the girls for a special first date with a wonderful blog friend. Will blog about the meetup soon. Am also planning to write a bit on our new home. Nothing much to show but I think it's good to document our move so that my girls would not forget where they live before. And after that, more sewing as I have so many overdue orders to sew, queue fitted bedsheet, pillow covers, a clutch, dresses and more dresses!

Till next post, have a glorious Sunday lovely peeps!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Lovemelots Creations - Dresses for Sale!

These pretty dresses and tops are now available in the Shop. Lovingly handmade by me. Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I'm Back! And Hanan's Birthday Dress

Finally, I’m back online…oh how I miss this space. All the 2 weeks it took to move my fixed phone line + Internet connection to my new home, my mind was constantly thinking of this neglected blog. I managed by telling myself over and over that I am not a full time blogger and to always remember the main reason I keep this blog, a place where my children could come back to read what mommy had to say, when they grow up.



Speaking of growing up, I mentioned in the previous post the special birthday dress I sewed for Hanan for our foursome birthday celebration. So here are the photos from that day. The little miss loves it so much, she calls the dress Baju Pinchess in toddler talk, or Baju Princess ( Princess Dress ) :) However, it was difficult for me to get a good front view picture of the dress as the little Princess was not in the mood to pose lol

The pattern I used is designed by Olabelhe on YMCT. Such an exquisite, special occasion dress, checkout the low back, I LOVE it! The Amy Butler fabric is so beautiful turned into a dress, the roses look painted on.

I am open for limited custom order of this dress, contact me for further info at lovemelots88@gmail.com

As for you lovely readers, I really, truly missed connecting with other sewing mamas…so how are you? Hope life has been good to you as it has for me too. I am blessed, and I thank God everyday for all that He has generously showered upon me.

Till next post, Peace be upon all of you…*hugs*

Monday, 5 July 2010

Handmade Gift for My Nephew

Hello! I'm blogging amidst boxes and stuff over here, can't wait for the move to be over so that things could go back to normal :)

I made this capri pants last week, for this special little boy in my life, my cutie pie nephew, Imran Iskandar, who just turned 3. 

He is the same age as Hanan but was born in May. We had a foursome birthday celebration for Imran (May), Hanan (July), my sister (July) and me (June). This year we combined these birthdays in one party, very economical lol. Birthdays have always been a family event for us. We usually gather at my parents' place, cook together and my dad would say the prayer and we all eat and be merry. The highlight for the kids have always been opening the presents at the end of the party. This year I made my favourite Shrimp and Mango Cocktail. It was a big hit at the party!

The easiest salad ever. Just lightly boil some shrimps, cube some ripe mangoes, scatter them on a bed of lettuce and dribble salad dressing over (here I just use Thousand Island). Best served cold. Yummm!

Back to the capri pants, I made it using linen and patched the pockets using my favourite green print. It fits Imran just nice, I just hope he won't outgrow it too fast. I used a pattern from the latest Cucito, Summer 2010.

That's it for now. I'm saving the special birthday dress I sewed for Hanan later. I promise will blog about it soonest as we move into the new home. I have big plans there especially for my bigger and better sewing cum study room. At 9 this morning (July 5th) I'm off to register for my MBA, a new chapter in my life...fingers crossed!

Thank you for reading friends, have a beautiful, loving day :)


Thursday, 1 July 2010

Some Sewing Pics and Life Big Update

Hye all! Oh how I miss this blog so, so much!! If you follow me on Twitter you'd probably heard my constant whining of how harried my life is at the moment. Too many things too do, too many changes in such a short time! Well, the big update is of course, enrolling for my full time MBA program this coming Monday (5th July)  AND the big move to our new home the next day! Phewww....! Lots and lots of things to do before the events and yes, lots and lots of adjustments to make after the events.

So, my sewing naturally suffers some setback, no time at all for leisurely sewing for me-self and especially bad with meeting datelines. I'd like to apologize to my patiently waiting customers, I really truly appreciate your understanding! I managed to finish Feena's second dress for her baby, in the sweetest Meadowsweet prints by Sandi Henderson. This time I introduced little pleats on the sundress instead of gathers. 

I also managed to get these two Reversible Camera Strap Covers for the lovely Ida and Hui San. I hope you gals like 'em, they are comfortably padded too :)

Off to get more form filling, medical checkup, packing and moving done! Till later lovely readers, have a wonderful, creative (and not as harried) day! :)


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