Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Owl Pinafore Top and Happy Cousins

I sewed this owl pinafore top for lil Hanan ages ago but only now blogging about it. And here is the model wannabe posing. Can you tell that she is SO into it? LOL!

It was ready before an outing with my sister, Masni, and her two boys, my nephews Nazrin Hakim and Imran Iskandar. We went for lunch at Popeye's at Mid Valley before we moved to the hospital to visit my baby sister. That was when the kids were still allowed to visit I think it was a month ago. The boys and girls had fun, Aisha being the big sister, was leader of the pack :)

Hanan and Imran were born the same year only two months apart (yep, you can imagine my mom's headache having two daughters in confinement under her care lol! Love you Mama!!)...and they are best of friends! I don't know 'bout you but I simply ADORE this pics of them together...Imran is definitely going to be a heartbreaker one day, he's so cute!!!

Hanan and cousin, Imran

And behind all these are two, very busy and very tired mommas, trying our best at keeping everything and everyone together at their happiest best!!!

We are sisters! Love you Ngah!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

What The Girls Wore To Mya's Party

Okay....Mya's birthday is officially a trilogy here on this blog lol...

I sewed an Apron Knot Dress for lil Hanan and a matching peasant top for big sister Aisha. I used these cute Hunky Dory fabrics in yellow and pink colorway. Very springy don't ya think? Well I love those warm and happy colors and happy colors always make me smile :)

When asked to pose for some pictures before we go the party, Hanan was obliging but I couldn't help giggling at her "model" near-smile...

Then some sisterly time. It lasted for two minutes until the little one showed her impatience - she really could not wait to go to the princess party...

Before I go, I want to show you what my girls wanted me to write for their favorite aunt, my sister Lin, or Cik Su Lin to them...She is still in the hospital, going through radiotherapy and scores of other treatments. Currently, due to the H1N1 and Adenovirus scare, children under 12 yo are not allowed to visit. The girls miss their aunt so much and when my sister asked for their latest pictures, I prepared these and printed them. I asked the girls what they want to say and typed for them. Hanan simply misses Cik Su Lin while Aisha has a longer wish. My sister cried and cried when she saw these and I know how much she misses the girls...I hope the photos would help her through this ordeal, at the very least, let her have the comfort of knowing how much she is loved by all of us...

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mermaid Maxi Dress For Mya

The birthday present from Mummy Zura to little Mya - Mermaid Maxi Dress!

Ida wanted a nightgown for Mya, so I sewed a sleeveless, maxi length dress in this cute MM mermaid print. Thing is it's just too pretty for bed, and Mya wanted to wear it during the day!

So when Ida sent me this pics of the sassy, pretty Mya, happily getting ready to go and play with the dress and other accessories on, I figured, let's call this the Maxi Dress!

Lots of hugs and kisses from me to both of you - Ida and Mya, love you! :)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Beautiful Mya...

A special entry for the prettiest little girl I've ever met, Humaira aka Mya...

Ida, a special friend of mine, invited me and the girls to Mya's 4th birthday party a few weeks back. The girls were so excited especially lil Hanan who was so eager to attend the Princess themed birthday bash. It was a wonderful party and most importantly the girls had fun.

I managed to capture a few pics, and I especially love this one...I love how mother and daughter look into each other's eyes and that adoring, so loving smile exchange...just so precious....

I sewed the Party Dress for Mya...this Amy Butler print is just so gorgeous no wonder its so popular...

The party itself was a blast, lots of activities for the little princes and princesses...Notice the Purple felt crown worn by the birthday girl? It's handmade by, who else, the talented Mai from Okinokiyo! Love how it goes nicely with Lovemelots Dress...All the other girls later made their own foam crowns and wore them to the banquet :)

Thank you Ida, for inviting us and for being such a wonderful hostess...Now Hanan keeps asking when is Mya having another party and I had to tell her time again that we only have one birthday party per year lol...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Handmade Gifts

A lot to write but not enough courage...I will find it soon.

Just some pictures then of handmade gifts for my gily-girlfriends. Babes, you know who you are hope you like it. Am making a few more for another 3 of you (jangan marah k..I kan selow

Kitchen Diva Apron
Retro Sleepmask

Love you girls to bits! Thank you for being my friends - Ezza, Nirah, Angah, Nadiah, Sya, Yasmin *hugs*

Friday, 11 March 2011

Roxanna Bag

I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to become one of the pattern testers for

I woke up with a start last night and could not believe it was only 1.30 am and went  straight to my sewing room to sew this cute Roxanna Bag. I made the sling strap option and I could vouch how easy the pattern is to sew. And the result, I just love it!

All in all, I rate this pattern as Excellent! You can always opt for a normal short strap if sling bag is not your style. It is due to be released by the designer soon so keep an eye on it :)

Before I go, an update about my lil sister. She will be undergoing a major surgery either this Tuesday or Thursday. They had to clear up the OR just for her surgery coz the docs said when they operate on her it might take the whole day. We are happy there is at least some progress for her, we never stop praying for a miracle. I would like to thank all of you wonderful friends for all your prayers and soothing words, those who emailed me and friendly sms's, I truly appreciate them may God bless all of you thank you! *hugs*

Moment shot of my happy girls goofing around ....

Goofy sisters!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Then and Now - Mendocino Dress

Popping in to say hi! :)

I am not ready to talk about my sibling illness. The doctors are doing what they can and we are all here for her, taking turns to take care of her every night. Other than that, life has to go on for my little unit, me, hubby and my girls...

Remember these Mendocino dresses I sewed for my girls in 2009? 

Well, Aisha rarely wears hers (she's not fond of dresses, only tops and tunics with jeans for her) but my little Hanan loves it so much and wears it every other day. Mainly because it's twirly, really comfy and easy to put on and off. And notice how when it was first made, it fell mid calf? Well, fast forward March 2011, this is the dress on the lil miss now :

Just below the knee! And the bodice still fits perfectly! I bet this could be worn as tunic with leggings by end of this year because the colors on that dress is still as vibrant as ever! The exact, main reason why I always use designer cottons. The fabric quality, color saturation is impeccable and stood the test of time. Too bad this whimsical mermaid print is rare and out of print now....

See you again soon. Stay beautiful my friends :)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

I'm Here

I just don't feel like blogging as much.

Things are not going as we expected with my little sister. We received devastating news and it's just too hard for me to write here. My tears just would not dry and  we have to be with her, body, mind and soul.....please pray for her...we need it now more than ever...

Meanwhile, I finished my exam, I think it was not too bad. I drove myself to KLCC immediately after the final paper for some sewing books therapy and these delicious Bisou cupcakes. My favs here - Red Velvet & Cappucino.

And I have also been sewing during this 2 weeks break. Lots of sewing to finish up on orders. I took I said, during this difficult time in the family, happily blogging and showing off my sewing & the happenings in my life, while my sibling is very,very ill just feels.....wrong.

Thank you for being here for us my friends. I will be posting again soon. Thank you.


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