Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Butterfly Dress

Hi there! How's life? I hope yours are not as miserable as mine....I am now going through a really crazy, topsy turvy adjustment phase of my life as a full time working mom. It's not easy, it's rough and very heavy on the heart as I mourn the fact that I'm leaving my kids for the most part of my days....story of my life, hoping that one day it will change for the better...

To brighten up, here's a Butterfly Dress I sewed for my lil Hanan few months back. The pattern is from Tie Dye Diva and it turned out so cute!

I usually limited my sewing to a combo of only 2 fabrics because I somehow feel that more than that would make the dress looks busy. But for this pattern, I went outside my comfort zone and used 3 fabrics. I actually really love it! I must do this more...The sewing part is mostly easy but I find the pattern surprisingly used up a lot of fabric. 

I am enjoying her happy face while it lasts...the saddest thing is my baby girl is turning 5 soon and she is now at that horrible stage where she just refused to wear dresses!!! I almost cried every time after her bath & I suggested a dress to wear & she would just say an outright NO! Oh gosh, I'm!

My lil angel is growing up way to fast...I'm missing the sight and sound of a baby in the house...we've been trying to get pregnant for more than a year now but I guess it's not written in the books for us...yet, I hope...

That's all for now my friends, thank you for dropping by and have a beautiful day! :)


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