Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

We have had a wonderful, blessed 2013. Here's to an adventurous year ahead to all of us! Thank you for still reading this blog ❤️

Ribbon Tag Block Toy For Baby Erfan

Erfan is at this stage where he  chews on EVERYTHING....sighhh.....

So I made him a soft toy cube block with ribbon tags for him to play and chew on...

I appliqued his initial E on the front of the block and used a few cute prints from my scraps. There are many tutorials online for this type of toy, I referred mainly to this and this. But I made mine bigger with 6 inches initial cut of squares. It's not very fat because I ran out of fiberfill but it is fluffy still.

Erfan loves it of course! And you have to excuse me for the pics overload...  :P

Last one I promise! This is the face that I kiss everyday mmmuaaahhh!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

My Sweet Aisha Learns To Knit

When I was pregnant with Erfan, I had this strong urge to knit something warm and nice for the baby. Problem was - I don't know how. So I just bought some yarn and went at it.

Ermmm....I got bored after 10 rows of repetitive movement :P

So when my girl Aisha told me she wants to learn I handed ove all my yarn and tools and she begin her new knitting adventure with the help of Youtube tutorials :D

She was SO determined, but she had a few mishaps that saw the first 2 projects thrown out (mainly size issues). But on her 3rd attempt, she managed to complete a small-ish beanie hat for her baby brother.

It's tiny and barely covers baby Erfan's huge head lol!! The reason it is a tad small is because somehow she got the yarn pulled and tangled beyond salvation so she had to cut the project short.

We still put it on Erfan though. Mainly because we are so excited that unlike mummy, Aisha actually has the patience to knit yeay!

We could get a few more wear out of this. Afterwards, we will gift this cute hat to my brother & sister in law who are expecting their first baby  boy in January. Another nephew yeay!

I want to encourage Aisha to explore her creative side more. I love that she is a doer instead of a dreamer like me. Love her to bits!

Here's the big boss, he's going to be an 8 month old in 5 days, how fast time flies! :'(

Till next posts folks, have a productive day! <3 p="">

Friday, 20 December 2013

Fabric Friday - My Black Friday Haul

Yeay! Another new categorical  segment on this blog - Fabric Friday! :D

It's no news I'm a fabric-holic. No really. I'm serious. Since 2006 I have been slowly building my stash. And in 2009 I started sewing them into bags & girl's dresses for sale. Before that I only hoard. Come 2013 - I still buy fabrics but I have new excuses - I am going to sew/make something out of them. And 2014? Even better excuse, I am quilting!

My habit had improved after I become a SAHM though. I have not purchased as much as before, obviously because my disposable income is almost zero. But then, Black Friday came. And I caved lol...

Well my Black Friday haul finally arrived. It's not very big a haul but I love them...

These are Pam Kitty Picnic fat quarter bundles, yummy!! I LOVE everything by Pam Kitty Morning! I think her designs are just perfect retro prints!

I love the yellow bundle the most but look at the cute kitties having fun below? Aren't they the cutest??!

Love that this collection has a rather unusual navy color in it. Very pretty!

These are Fat Quarters which means they will be in my quilty projects. Can't wait to play around with them! :)

Till next Friday, have a great weekend girlies! :)

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

WIP Wednesday

Haha...I'm gonna start my own wip post here!

I do have a few projects at one time in my sewing room. Figured it would be fun to share this in my blog and the documentation will in the future provides me with some insight on how long it would take me to finish my projects. Some projects, like quilts for example, takes longer to finish. And I'd love to look back and see what were my thoughts when I firts started these projects.

First of all, of course current dress orders in production. I do have at least 2 dresses cut up and in queue for sewing at any one time. The time it takes to finish them will really depends on how many good sewing hours I get, which of course depends on baby nap time now :P

These 2 ruffle neck dresses, one in Circa and another in Pam Kitty Love. BOTH yummy! :D

Next, my quilty project. I have started on a baby quilt I'm gifting my SIL who is now expecting her first baby, my 4th nephew yeay!!!

I am so excited for this new arrival as this time around Mami Zura is hooked on making quilts so this is a great opportunity for me to practice.

I am making pinwheel blocks for the first time and I love it! I am bravely not following a pattern because I just want a simple quilt using pinwheel blocks. But now I wish I had followed a pattern because all the maths and trimming down blocks are making me dizzy lol....

That's it for WIP Wednesday! What do you have brewing in your sewing room at the moment? I would love to hear about it and visit your blog. Till later, thanks for reading! *hugs*

Monday, 16 December 2013

The Quilt That Is Yet To Be Finished

Now that I am quilting as my hobby, I realised that it is very normal to have unfinished quilts lying around for months (or even years!). I have one at the moment. A baby quilt also started when I was pregnant.

The quilt top was made when we still did not know the gender of the baby, hence some reds and pinks there lol. It's a scrappy quilt I made. I have quilted it but until today I have not found the motivation to sew the binding :P

That does not stop me from putting the baby on top of it to see how it look sin pictures lol...Erfan was around 3 months old here :

I think the quilt is SO pretty! I really need to find the time to bind it but for now it is what it is :P

This pic of the baby looking rather unhappy perhaps should push me!


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