Wednesday, 27 July 2011

For Fear of Our Safety

Few days ago my peaceful life had a rude interruption when I received 2 comments from a crazy hater, both here and on my personal blog. My maternal instinct kicked in and I deleted my personal blog.

However, this blog was a labor of love. I have written so many things related to my passion for sewing as well as my family and the journey with my late sister. I just could not delete this blog....I will not disclose what the comment is all about but let's just say it's definitely not from someone who sews. I guess Google brought him here....I have no idea what he is trying to achieve by sending those threatening comments directed to my little family. I have to do what it takes to keep my girls safe. From now on, this blog's comments will be moderated. I hate to do that but I have no choice.

That said, I will not be blogging much till I finish all my Raya sewing. Ramadhan is near so does my annual "sewing room retreat" :)

Thank you for still taking the time to drop by my humble blog. I update regularly now on my Facebook page. Be sure to Like us there to keep updated! Before I go, here's a tile of my labor of love on these adorable cuties, pictures sent from valued customers/friends. Lovemelots now is everything I want it to be thanks so much to you! :)

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Making Faces

Over a month ago, I was studying for my exam downstairs when I suddenly realized that the girls were suspiciously quiet that night. As always, they must be up to something. A few minutes later, I heard excited whispers and little steps coming down the stairs and then....mummy....SURPRISE!!!

They made clay faces!!! So cute, all of them, I'm still amazed how they came out with the idea?? I laughed and laughed it was a good stress relief lol....

These are the creative faces behind those clay ones them to bits!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My Chubby Cheeks, Curly Top Is Getting Bigger

Yes, little miss Hanan is almost saying goodbye to toddlerhood and soon, hello my new preschooler!

...sob, sob...who knows where the time goes??

I'm already missing that screaming, chubby baby she used to be...

But then again...seeing her now, growing up so active and healthy, I could never ask for more could I?

Baby girl, you are much loved. Be good will ya?


Dress : Variation of Lovemelots Play Dress
Fabric : Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner
Size : I made a longer 4T because I swear she grows, like 5 inches a day! lol

Monday, 4 July 2011

Semester Result Is Out Today

And I cried....

..... tears of gratitude, relief and happiness all jumbled up in an emotional mess. And there are many reasons for that too...

Because I was never an A student back in my undergrad years, achieving 4.0 gpa in an MBA course is a great, big deal for me.

Because of all the trials and heartbreak of the last few months during the semester, made me believe that if we persevere, and BELIEF, we'll rise above the troubles and be much more humbled by the whole experience.

Because a mother's prayer is always maqbool (granted)..I believe in that, and will always & forever believe in it. Thank you Mama for your endless thoughts and prayers. I will do the same, pray endlessly for the success of my two girls...

Because I wanted to prove to my two daughters that in life, anything is possible and excuses will not bring you anywhere....

Because this is the BEST birthday present for me, ever (it was June 13th, but I was too deeply engrossed in exam preparation to celebrate)...

Because I am one lucky have found the man with the quiet strength behind all this. He is the rock that I lean on, the supportive voice at the end of every grumpy, tiring day I had. He is the love of my life *hugs*.

and because of friends everywhere who cheered me on, somehow that gave me strength and determination to strive on. Thank you for all the well wishes here and on my Fb page. Love ya!!


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