Thursday, 10 September 2009

Another Big One

Fabric : Amy Butler

I'm feeling that familiar sense of accomplishment after finishing this bag. But....sighhh....still BIG on Aisha!

I made this bag using this tutorial. I like the slouchiness of it plus Aisha asked for a bag that she can sling accross the shoulder. The steps are not difficult to follow, but if you are a beginner in sewing bags and like me, just sewing your 2nd bag, this will be a challenge!

My advice would be make sure you read all instructions carefully and take a close look at the pictures. This will save you some seam ripping session. And if you plan to print the pdf tute, please print it in colour! Believe me, I learned this the hard way, one of my dang moments.

I omit the interlining in for this project mainly because I don't have it and too lazy to drive to the supplies shop and a bit impatient too lol

I have problems figuring out the dimensions. I could not foresee that it's still an adult size huge bag until I put it on Aisha to take photos, just like the tote bag before. Is there any tutorial for kid's bag out there?
Or maybe all bags I made look better on ME? Hehehe...(another chubby angle...or am I in denial??)

Aisha loves it though. She chose the fabric herself and I must say it look rather retro-ish. I heart Amy Butler! The only solution we figured out is to tie up the shoulder strap a bit to make it shorter on Aisha.

This project is far from perfect. If you look closely you'll see the wobbly stitches and some really wonky corners. But it has it's own charm and the fact that it's handmade warms my heart. Cheers!
Hanan so kepoh-ci...and the girls need a haircut!


  1. Cheers!! cantiklah bag tu. I think kan if you nak buat beg aisha.. you ukur beg sekolah aisha.. the width and height, and length of the strap before you jahit untuk aisha. I'm not that good pun tapi what i did is i ukur beg anak to know the exact size yg sesuai. You are good with following patterns kan.. i normally tengok lain jahitnya jadi lain.. hehe

  2. thanks kak haida! asyik besar je teruk tol zura ni hehe..tapi fun this project & suka shape bag ni..zura memang ikut betul2 pattern tu, masa potong kain rasa kecik cute je tapi bila dah siap mak round nak wat yang simple jelah and ikut advice akak ukur dulu bag Aisha as size guide

  3. Very nice design.. kalau saya buat entah siap entah tidak... hehhehe

  4. akmare, thank you! hehe...kalau minat design dia mesti boleh siap..masa jahit rasa cam tak sabar nak tengok the finished product. cubalah!

  5. hi Zura.. this one i can consider as professional!! two thumbs up!!


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