Thursday, 15 January 2015

Another Tova Top For Family Trip To Jakarta & Handmade Wardrobe Vow 2015

I made another Tova Top. My trusted pattern which I would sew up whenever I'm in need of a new top and not having the luxury of time. This is my fourth one so sewing it is really easy for me by now.

**Please excuse all my crappy dark & grainy photos, they are all from my phone.

We were going for a family trip in Jakarta and I wanted to wear something comfy and good for nursing Baby E on the plane. Just few months back I made this Tova in size XL (post baby) but now that I have lost some weight (after going back to work fulltime hahah) I made size Medium and it fits good except for a slight tightness around my bust area. That problem will go away once I wean Baby E from nursing, which will be in less than 4 months. The yoke opening makes this top perfect for nursing.

I made this using a sweet pink Art Gallery fabric designed by Bari J. I love the feminine color. At first I was afraid it might look a little to little girl-ish but hubby likes it on me so that's all that matters :)

I was rushing so I omit the neckline binding and finished the neckline using my sweet bias tape I purchased in Daiso. This makes making the top so much easier and faster to finish!

The pattern recommends 2.5 yards of fabric but I managed to squeeze this size M on 1.75 yard of 44" wide fabric yeay!! I love using Art Gallery fabrics for my garment sewing so this is good as the fabric is really expensive and being able to save on valuable yardage is a big plus point.

The Jakarta trip was fun especially when it involved fabric shopping. Photos above shows the textile shops in the huge Tanah Abang market. Love it, just my kind of happy place :D

This is my small haul for my Handmade Wardrobe 2015 sewing. Yup, I vow to sew a handmade wardrobe this year with the exception of jeans and perhaps work jacket. I will especially focus more on blouses as I am building my work wardrobe too. These consists of rayon challis and soft cotton lawn. These are perfect for blouse sewing as I love drapey fabrics for my tops. These are really great quality fabrics and you just can't beat the cheap price of fabrics in Indonesia. I mean look at that elephant fabric, isn't it cute?! I wish I can buy them all!

So here's to a successful year of handmade wardrobe, thanks for still reading my friends!


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