Thursday, 31 December 2015

Goodbye 2015

Yep, I''m still here :D 

Just not really into blogging anymore. My last post was in February whoa...this is the longest stretch I believe...

I have been very, very busy though...I'm back working full time and placed in a busy department. My Etsy shop is doing well considering this is only the second year alhamdulillah...

My kids are getting bigger and I treasure every precious seconds I could spend with them....

I am more and more into patchwork and quilting and could feel myself moving away from dressmaking...well I know it's not permanent, I am fleeting like that sometimes. It's the Gemini in me lol...

I am still very active on social media. I update almost everyday on my Instagram @stitchbyzura. Do follow me there :)

I will come back here to post when I feel like it, but for the time being I consider myself taking a break from blogging.

I wish all of you a very wonderful and fulfilling years ahead in 2016, happy new year!

Love always,


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