Monday, 7 September 2009

Weekend Sewing & My First Totebag!

Wonderful, wonderful weekend.
I love every minute I got to spend loving my babies and goofing around with them. Hanan right now is delightfully full of antics, always warming my heart with her vivaciousness, smiles and gurgling laughs. Aisha is growing up into a softhearted, beautiful little lady. I just wish I have more time to spend with them. Like every working mother, my biggest dream is to be home, where my heart is. But...well, there's a lot of buts, let's not go into them.

This weekend, I sewed two skirts (again), and surprisingly, managed to finished my first ever tote bag, yeay!!

The Skirts

I used this tutorial. Real easy and I like the midi-like pattern, not too full yet very feminine.

Aisha, working it and twirling in her new skirt.

Well, this one's for Hanan. But she refused to wear it! Oh well, one of her tantrum days...sighh...maybe next time :)

The Tote Bag

My first ever tote! Well, I'm more of a garment sewer as I've always thought sewing bags are just too much a hassle. But Aisha had been asking for a bag for few weeks already saying that she wants a nice one to bring to her extra classes etc. So I tried and made this one. It turned out HUGE!! The dimension is definitely not for a 9-year old lol!
But this project converted me! Not difficult at all and so satisfying. I'm gonna make more bags yeah! Aisha wants a smaller one so I'm already cutting another bag. Watch out for that one!
See how the bag went down below her knee erkk

It looks better on an adult though...(please excuse that chubby arm hehe...)

And of course, Hanan never wants to be left out. Hoarding the bag even if it's the same size as her! ;)


  1. Wow nice bag.....tahniah sebab berjaya siapkan beg cantikkkkkk...Dalam dia lapik ngan apa ye?

  2. Skirt Aisha pun lawa tapi yang blue tu kalau hanan pakai mesti cantik!

  3. tq sis! hanan merajuk pagi tu puas pujuk dia tak nak gak pakai huhu...beg tu ada lining lightweight plain cotton je ngah..kain belah luar tu pakai interfacing (lapik gam) jenis keras untuk bag-aku beli kat Macy..jadi keras betol haha macam beach bag pun ada..weii dah update blog lom? eheheh

  4. once you start sewing you can just sew anything.. you'll see :-).. nice tote bag.. aisha tak boleh pakai.. mummylah guna.

  5. thanks so much kak haida! eheheh...hari ni pun mummy dia dah bawak tote bag gi ofis letak parcels nak post today hihi...

  6. Hi Zura,

    cantiknya bag and skirt tu... I should try jahit skirt for my daughter Hajar...

  7. thanks kak ain! try lah skirt tu senang sangat & very girly. Mesti Hajar suke! :)


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