Thursday, 28 November 2013

Another Quilt I Made For The Baby

This is the second quilt I made for Baby Erfan, and this time I was on a roll! :D

I mean, I was so eager to try the real deal - piecing the patchwork, free motion quilting & the works. I felt like I've grown a lot as a quilter after this project.

I used a Lilly & Will layer cake for this quilt. I sashed it using white Kona cotton. For the backing I used a soft polkadots by Robyn Pandolph from my stash, while the binding is from an older Laura Gunn's collection. I love the soft baby'ish hue of green, cream & chocolate in this quilt! It is a bigger quilt of crib size.

This quilt will forever be in my family. As I mentioned in the previous posts, it tells a story of how I was having contractions 5 minutes apart when I was hand binding it lol...

And now that the baby is here, this sweet quilt has been in so many snapshots of my lil bubba....I still cannot get over how precious he is and how lucky we are to have him in our lives :)

Above are his newborn pics, the little boy with a thousand expressions lol...

And this is him at 6 months, already rolling over...that smile is just so contagious!

Till next post, have a blessed day my friends! *hugs*

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sewing For Baby + Comments Back To Blogger


First and foremost, I have removed the Disqus commenting system and switched back to Blogger. When I installed Disqus, my main intention was to get that threading comments where I can reply to each comment directly instead of having to use @yourname for every reply. Now that Blogger has (finally) enable that I switched. Well, guess what, removing Disqus just made my blog go crazy where the previous post now have 47 comments! Somehow it has pulled comments from some of my older posts and dumped it in the first post. Other than that, and some duplicate comments in older posts, I pretty much sync-ed all comments and all I want to do is move on. Shall we? :)

Okay, just wanna record here some non-quilts items I sewed for baby Erfan when pregnant with him. I did not get to sew for a newborn with my girls as I only started sewing when Hanan was 2 years old so this time it was fun for me.

First up, the Kimono shirt.

This is one tiny, tiny shirt. And Erfan only got to wear it once during a hospital visit. He was still jaundiced here thus the frail, yellowish tinged on his skin.

Next, I made this Poofy Pants for him :

He wore it a few times, and it is the cutest newborn pants! Here we caught Erfan with his first smile! :)

And I also made this adorable bubble romper for my bean :

I used a pattern from Puperita on Etsy. I loved the roomy shape and just sewing a romper made me happy! :)

Now that Erfan is 6 months old, I so want to sew some clothing for him. Perhaps a buttoned up shirt or simple boy tunic or even a cute pants. Sewing for boys is something new for me but I know I can have fun with this new adventure. 

Till then, thanks for dropping by and try out the new Blogger comment ya? Let me know if you're having problems commenting. Thanks! :) 

Monday, 11 November 2013

An Astro Boy Quilt For Baby Harith

I made this baby quilt for bff Ida's son, Harith. I love this space themed panel and prints by Jill McDonald, perfect for little astro boys :)

It's a simple panel quilt. No pattern, I just simply whipped it up as I go. I patched the top and bottom frame of the panel and added outer border. The quilting is a mixture of free motion meandering on the border and patched frame + some outline quilting on the panel itself. And I also machine bind the quilt.

I love the back of this quilt. I used an apple print backing and included a special little message on the quilt label :

And the best part of making a quilt for a baby is of course seeing the baby on the quilt! :D

Here is the cutest astro boy ever, baby Harith (he is 7 month old) when he came to our house to pick up the quilt :

Isn't he a cutie?

Ok the next photo is epic - we wanted to snap a photo of both Harith and my Erfan together but Erfan was sleepy and cranky. So this is what happened :

Priceless!!! :D

Saturday, 9 November 2013

The First Quilt I Made For Baby Erfan

When I was pregnant with baby Erfan, I got this strong urge to sew for him, particularly to make a quilt for him. Well, I ended up making 3!

This is the first quilt I made. At this time I didn't know yet if he will be a boy or a girl. So I chose a safe baby blue and brown that both a girl or boy can use. I wanted to finish as quickly as possible so I just cut and sew 7 long strips of fabrics, put a 4 inch border all around, straight line quilting using the walking foot and voila! baby quilt in no time :D

I use my favorite Joel Dewberry print as the backing

It was a fun quilt to make. Here is a photo of me hand binding the quilt. I love this process, very calming :)

Before the baby comes, little Hanan asked if she could use the quilt. She said she promised to share with little brother later lol. It is not very big so it is more like a blanket for her :)

And now that the little bubba is here, we use it ALL the time. I think quilts are so useful especially for a baby. It also makes a pretty photo background lol. Here's the lil bean on the quilt :)

I will blog more about the other baby quilts, meanwhile mummy is now dreaming of a big sized quilt for herself! :D

Till then, hugs!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Little Snippets

...of update that is... :)

Wow...long time no blog....Eid 2013 went by so fast I didn't even get to blog about it this year. I guess I'd just pick up where I left off and try my best to keep this blog alive. Besides, I meant this to be a space my kids would be able to come to and read when they grow up :)

I've been know, living, sewing and mostly...being a mom. And of course, kissing and cuddling this little bear of mine :

Hehe...yup, baby Erfan is now 6 months plus, and growing like weed! And very much loved by his big sisters too. Cheeky and mostly happy...we are blessed.


I'm sure you noticed how chubby he is now...already over 8 kg at 6 months. However, he is  not rolling over yet. Sometimes I forget that he is a premature baby, so mommy is trying not to worry too much with this developmental delay. We still could not believe that he used to look this tiny and frail as a newborn (in the NICU) :

...and 6 months later, he is this cheeky little angel...

...such a delightful baby, always happy and smiling and of course at the center of every camera shots he is with mommy dearest :D

I guess that's all for now. I have mentioned before that other than sewing dresses for my customers, I have now ventured into the exciting world of quilting. I am so hooked, there is no turning back lol. It is now what I obsessed about in my reading, blog haunts etc. I am like a sponge, absorbing all I could learn about the craft. I have been practicing with baby quilts, patchwork blanket and mug rugs.

My next posts will be on the quilting I managed to do, one example is this one I made for Erfan when he was in my tummy :)

Till then, if you are on Instagram, feel free to follow me zura_lovemelots. I post pictures a lot over there :) 

Oh and I also wanna say, thank you for still you! :)


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