Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Lazy Days Skirts for the Little Ladies

Another skirt project...Oh so simple, so easy!
Aptly named Lazy Days Skirt, free instructions here. I actually whipped up two of these in less than 40 minutes!
I love the simplicity and clever use of fabric selvedges and ribbons. Highly recommended for beginners and ermm...when you need a quick sewing fix.

I used plain slubby cottons in soft pistacchio green for Aisha and soft taupe for Hanan. This project is perfect as I've had those lovely ribbons for so long waiting to be put to good use.

And now, the Lazy Days skirts in action!

Some cake for breaking of fast today perhaps? ;)


  1. hi zura, i'm neeza from sewinme.. thanks for droppin my blog. nice work u have here.. very neat indeed. keep on sewing ya :-)

    ps: i pun stay putrajaya jgk - persint9.. heheh

  2. hi neeza! tq for dropping by! loh...dekat rupanya kita hehe...mehle singgah umah bila2 free, my doors are always open :)


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