Sunday, 11 September 2011

Eidulfitri 2011 - Family Edition

Salam Aidilfitri to my readers :)

How are you doing post-Eid? Honestly, I'm beat. Really, after I'm back from all the huha of Raya in my hometown, I basically feel very lethargic & have almost zero motivation. Getting back to previous routine after a long  holiday takes a LOT of work and I am slowly getting back into it.

To fill you up on our little family's Eid this year here are some pics I managed to edit for this blog.

This year, our Eid pics are only taken on the 2nd day of Raya. As you know I was on the road on the 1st day of Eid. We took some photos of my family side but they are all in my dad's camera I've yet to get hold of the pics. So these are us getting ready to visit hubby's side of the family in Sabak, Kelantan...One tragic story for me to relate here - see hubby there sans Raya's baju melayu? Oh well, to cut long story short, the matchy-matchy outfit was accidentally left in Putrajaya! bad! Lucky it was the 2nd day so we don't really feel the pain lol...better luck next year with the family photos!

I did not sew any baju kurung this year...I was up to my nose in orders, I bought mine practically the night before Eid while the girls' baju were birthday presents from their grandparents. Hanan later wore a few dresses I've sewn for her but not yet blogged about & somehow I forgot to snap pictures when she wore them.

The girls having fun with fireworks (or is it fire crackers? I dunno lol).....This is the first time for my girls, you could see how anxious lil Hanan was but she eventually got into the fun and it was a blast. This was taken on the 3rd night of Eid & we were at my parents new house in Kota Bharu. The front porch/lawn area is huge so the kids were having the time of their life!

Happy faces of us celebrating Eid (my sister & brother in law in the pics) & look at my little niece Asma Widad, she is so big & cheecky & such a delightful baby! I sewed the dress for her & I miss her already!

Last but not least, this year's Eid was a memorable & meanigful family gathering for us. I love how my girls are appreciating more the meaning of family togetherness during Eid, the blessings that comes with it & how we have Allah to thank for all the abundance showered upon us...

Me...I miss my late sister the feels diferrent without her this year. I don't think I'll ever get used to it...

Here's again wishing you had a great one this year. I am gearing up myself for more sewing till October as well as getting ready to go back to school this Monday, wish me luck! :)


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