Monday, 16 December 2013

The Quilt That Is Yet To Be Finished

Now that I am quilting as my hobby, I realised that it is very normal to have unfinished quilts lying around for months (or even years!). I have one at the moment. A baby quilt also started when I was pregnant.

The quilt top was made when we still did not know the gender of the baby, hence some reds and pinks there lol. It's a scrappy quilt I made. I have quilted it but until today I have not found the motivation to sew the binding :P

That does not stop me from putting the baby on top of it to see how it look sin pictures lol...Erfan was around 3 months old here :

I think the quilt is SO pretty! I really need to find the time to bind it but for now it is what it is :P

This pic of the baby looking rather unhappy perhaps should push me!


  1. suka! love the bright colors... suka scrappy quilt.. suka sangat tapi belum pernah try.. hihihi..
    sekarang macam suka buat runner plak.. wink wink.. ;)

    1. Zila...jomla buat scrappy quilt awak pun hooked on table runner ya? I takde table sesuai nak letak haha so maybe buat mini quilt ke boleh wat alas2 kat dapur ke kan? hehe

  2. Salam.. tumpang tanya, mana you beli batting tu yea?

    1. Salam, hi! I beli kat kedai Karysma bangi :)

  3. Ohhh alahai.. jauhnye.. :( thanks for the info...


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