Friday, 20 December 2013

Fabric Friday - My Black Friday Haul

Yeay! Another new categorical  segment on this blog - Fabric Friday! :D

It's no news I'm a fabric-holic. No really. I'm serious. Since 2006 I have been slowly building my stash. And in 2009 I started sewing them into bags & girl's dresses for sale. Before that I only hoard. Come 2013 - I still buy fabrics but I have new excuses - I am going to sew/make something out of them. And 2014? Even better excuse, I am quilting!

My habit had improved after I become a SAHM though. I have not purchased as much as before, obviously because my disposable income is almost zero. But then, Black Friday came. And I caved lol...

Well my Black Friday haul finally arrived. It's not very big a haul but I love them...

These are Pam Kitty Picnic fat quarter bundles, yummy!! I LOVE everything by Pam Kitty Morning! I think her designs are just perfect retro prints!

I love the yellow bundle the most but look at the cute kitties having fun below? Aren't they the cutest??!

Love that this collection has a rather unusual navy color in it. Very pretty!

These are Fat Quarters which means they will be in my quilty projects. Can't wait to play around with them! :)

Till next Friday, have a great weekend girlies! :)


  1. wow! cantiknya..yummy :) Zura beli kat website mana ni?

    1. Yang ni I beli kat shabbyfabrics masa sale black friday ari tu murah hehe

  2. Those are all so cute! Doesn't fabric like that make you wish for a baby girl? LOL It would all be darling in a baby quilt or baby girl dresses.

    1. So true!! I wish there is a baby girl coming in the family so that I can sew some baby quilt 2 girls are bigger now & they need big size quilts which mummy still needs practice lol

  3. Oh no!.... sooo cute.

    my basic rule bila lemari yg dah penuh.. rule number 1 : tengok boleh, beli tokleh, rule no.2 back to rule number 1 kikiki

    1. Lol Mila...I tak penah ikut rule yg I set sendiri huhuhu...nafsu nak benda cantik terlalu besar haih...

  4. cantik semua.. mmg retro! esp yag pink dan yellow tu.. :D buat quilt cantik buat dress lagi la cantik.. hihi

    owh.. nasib baik saya tak berjodoh dgn black friday shabbyfabrics itu.. hihi...


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