Sunday, 22 December 2013

My Sweet Aisha Learns To Knit

When I was pregnant with Erfan, I had this strong urge to knit something warm and nice for the baby. Problem was - I don't know how. So I just bought some yarn and went at it.

Ermmm....I got bored after 10 rows of repetitive movement :P

So when my girl Aisha told me she wants to learn I handed ove all my yarn and tools and she begin her new knitting adventure with the help of Youtube tutorials :D

She was SO determined, but she had a few mishaps that saw the first 2 projects thrown out (mainly size issues). But on her 3rd attempt, she managed to complete a small-ish beanie hat for her baby brother.

It's tiny and barely covers baby Erfan's huge head lol!! The reason it is a tad small is because somehow she got the yarn pulled and tangled beyond salvation so she had to cut the project short.

We still put it on Erfan though. Mainly because we are so excited that unlike mummy, Aisha actually has the patience to knit yeay!

We could get a few more wear out of this. Afterwards, we will gift this cute hat to my brother & sister in law who are expecting their first baby  boy in January. Another nephew yeay!

I want to encourage Aisha to explore her creative side more. I love that she is a doer instead of a dreamer like me. Love her to bits!

Here's the big boss, he's going to be an 8 month old in 5 days, how fast time flies! :'(

Till next posts folks, have a productive day! <3 p="">

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  1. Aiysha too have moma's creative hands...yeah it is perfect size for a new born...


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