Wednesday, 18 December 2013

WIP Wednesday

Haha...I'm gonna start my own wip post here!

I do have a few projects at one time in my sewing room. Figured it would be fun to share this in my blog and the documentation will in the future provides me with some insight on how long it would take me to finish my projects. Some projects, like quilts for example, takes longer to finish. And I'd love to look back and see what were my thoughts when I firts started these projects.

First of all, of course current dress orders in production. I do have at least 2 dresses cut up and in queue for sewing at any one time. The time it takes to finish them will really depends on how many good sewing hours I get, which of course depends on baby nap time now :P

These 2 ruffle neck dresses, one in Circa and another in Pam Kitty Love. BOTH yummy! :D

Next, my quilty project. I have started on a baby quilt I'm gifting my SIL who is now expecting her first baby, my 4th nephew yeay!!!

I am so excited for this new arrival as this time around Mami Zura is hooked on making quilts so this is a great opportunity for me to practice.

I am making pinwheel blocks for the first time and I love it! I am bravely not following a pattern because I just want a simple quilt using pinwheel blocks. But now I wish I had followed a pattern because all the maths and trimming down blocks are making me dizzy lol....

That's it for WIP Wednesday! What do you have brewing in your sewing room at the moment? I would love to hear about it and visit your blog. Till later, thanks for reading! *hugs*


  1. You make such pretty things! I love to see them.

    1. You are so kind to me Kathy, thank you!! :)

  2. fabric in pink color tu memang cun.. :)
    pinwheel memang sentiasa akan menjadi comel.. tak sabar nak tgk quilt itu nanti.. :D
    sewing room saya sentiasa je ada patchwork block yang tak jadi.. haha.. saya simpan untuk projek main-main dan testing2 saya... hehe

    1. Haha pinwheel quilt biasa je tapi comel sebab prints dia semua mama & baby animals so sweet! I rasa tak lama lagi pun jadi cam you Zila hati berkobar nak ber patchwork lol


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