Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I'm Back! And Hanan's Birthday Dress

Finally, I’m back online…oh how I miss this space. All the 2 weeks it took to move my fixed phone line + Internet connection to my new home, my mind was constantly thinking of this neglected blog. I managed by telling myself over and over that I am not a full time blogger and to always remember the main reason I keep this blog, a place where my children could come back to read what mommy had to say, when they grow up.



Speaking of growing up, I mentioned in the previous post the special birthday dress I sewed for Hanan for our foursome birthday celebration. So here are the photos from that day. The little miss loves it so much, she calls the dress Baju Pinchess in toddler talk, or Baju Princess ( Princess Dress ) :) However, it was difficult for me to get a good front view picture of the dress as the little Princess was not in the mood to pose lol

The pattern I used is designed by Olabelhe on YMCT. Such an exquisite, special occasion dress, checkout the low back, I LOVE it! The Amy Butler fabric is so beautiful turned into a dress, the roses look painted on.

I am open for limited custom order of this dress, contact me for further info at

As for you lovely readers, I really, truly missed connecting with other sewing mamas…so how are you? Hope life has been good to you as it has for me too. I am blessed, and I thank God everyday for all that He has generously showered upon me.

Till next post, Peace be upon all of you…*hugs*


  1. haaa ada pun entry from u.lama ni menungguu tauu..lawa laaa the dress...hannan looks so girly in it..congrats for making that beautiful dress..

  2. welcome back kak zura :)

    suka dress ni. teringin nak buat satu tp tak berani lagi nak buat dress.

    suka big ribbon dekat belakang tu.

  3. Welcome back Zura !! We all missed you ...

    and thats a lovely dress u made for Hanan ... beautiful


  4. zura, this is really sweet..worth menunggu your post..:D

  5. Beautiful dress Zura! Love it! Super beautiful model too!

  6. skirt kembang camni kalau anak saya tengok.. mesti kenan nyer hahaha

  7. Finally! a new post :)
    and ohh..the dress is soooo lovely.

  8. OH my goodness she looks so beautiful!!! And I KNEW the pattern when I saw the back! I have been admiring the same pattern myself! Great job!

  9. beruntung hannan dapat mommy yg talented mcm zura..good jobs

  10. adorable dress and child! happy birthday!

  11. akhirnya....lama tul x dengar citer..canteeeekkk....saya suka...

  12. Thank you all for such positive comments! YES I miss you gals terribly, thank you for dropping by I really appreciate it :)

  13. Cantik! ;)
    What a lovely dress! I loved the fabric also! She looks so pretty on it!

    I´m gald to hear you finish your moving, change houses is such a mess... I have to move myself next month and moving from one country to another is even worst! :(

    Have a nice day!

  14. Oh that turned out so perfectly and it looks adorable on her. Way to go!

  15. Welcome back.. how's the new house and your new sewing space..? hope you will let us have a peek into your new sewing space soon..

    As for the dress, very nicely done.. as always :D and the lil darling looks soooo pwetty in it..

  16. Hanan looks adorable and I'm sure one very happy princess, dress is gorgeous Zura, should make one for you too, same style, fabulous :)

  17. The Pattern is wonderful! Where do I get my hands on it? Is there a link?
    Love the choice of AB fabrics!

  18. Thank you friends for the lovely comments! :) I just added the link in the post, please click on it to go directly to the dress pattern page. Enjoy! :)

  19. i LOVE it! i'm going to get that pattern to make a baptism dress for my daughter!


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