Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hanan Alia, 3 Years Old


You turn 3 today.

It’s amazing to see how you’ve grown from this chubby wiggly baby…

To the vivacious little girl you are today…

Right now you…

-          Are very passionate about everything Pinchess (Princess) even if you are a bit of a tomboy
-          Still sleeps with mummy, as every night mummy struggles to put you on the Pinchess Bed you love but never intend to sleep on lol
-          Are at your happiest when we go for a walk or family outing
-          Speaks toddler talk that at times only mummy understands
-          Replace all the K in your speech with T eg : tatat Aisha, butan, matan, taler etc LOL
-          Love your big sister to bits even though at your most passionate moments would pull her hair or scratch her face grrrr….
-          Still cry when you see grown Men except for Abah, Papatok, Tok Ayah, Ayah Li, Pak Wan and Ayah Mad (we are very perplexed of this trait you have since you're just a tiny baby)
-          Still on the bottle at nap time
-          Love to play with Abah’s iPod and know exactly what to do with all those apps
-          Hate vegetables *sigh*….
-          Love to play in mummy’s sewing room till the wee hours, keeping me company
-          Have the most infectious gurgle-y laughter AND the loudest wail, ever
-          Have a stronger bond with mummy than anybody else

Mummy and Abah love you so much, you are PERFECT.
Happy Birthday sayang….*hugs*


  1. hepi besday hanan alia!cubbynyer dia masa baby...

  2. Happy Birthday to little Hanan...may God bless you

  3. hepi besday dik..=)..may allah bless u always dear..=)

  4. happy birthday dear hanan..
    happy2 selalu!

  5. happy 3rd birthday to pincess Hanan!

  6. ha ah.. Hanan mmg sweetheart ;)
    happy birthday hanan!

  7. Happy birthday to dear hanan :)

  8. Happy birthday dear Hanan.. Semoga menjadi anak yang solehah... dah besar dah.. bila nak dapat adik...? heeeeee....

  9. Happy Birthday to your lovely princess... Hanan Alia; what a lovely name! She's indeed a very chubby baby :-).

    hey, thanks for adding nivniv to craftzone. cheers! :-D

  10. hepi bday hanan...
    bila tgk gambar hanan masa baby, lebih kurang je dgn widad
    hanan, bo lah fobia kat ayah ngoh ye!!

  11. Happy Birthday Hanan ..!!

    you will one day read this blog and will see how much you are loved and how thoughtful of your mom to have listed down all that she s discovered about you ....


  12. Happy Birthday to your very sweet daughter!
    And congratulations for all the beautiful dresses in your shop!

  13. how fast time flies..
    happy birthday hanan alia!

  14. Happy Birthday Hanan
    I hope you had a great birthday your mummy and daddy love you and you are one lucky girl to have such parents.

    Lots of Kisses from Aunty Mayya xxx

  15. Sweet Hanan , My little beauty.
    Greetings all the way from the USA! From Chicago IL.
    Sorry this is a little late!
    All blessings upon you.
    You're life will be full of wonder
    and magic. I just know it, Princess!.
    Eat some more ice cream for me. Ha-ha
    Love, Mikhaila.

  16. So fast they grow, happy bday hanan . May you read this special post from yr mommy one day.

  17. Happy Birthday Pinchess Hanan!!! and many more to come :)


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