Monday, 5 July 2010

Handmade Gift for My Nephew

Hello! I'm blogging amidst boxes and stuff over here, can't wait for the move to be over so that things could go back to normal :)

I made this capri pants last week, for this special little boy in my life, my cutie pie nephew, Imran Iskandar, who just turned 3. 

He is the same age as Hanan but was born in May. We had a foursome birthday celebration for Imran (May), Hanan (July), my sister (July) and me (June). This year we combined these birthdays in one party, very economical lol. Birthdays have always been a family event for us. We usually gather at my parents' place, cook together and my dad would say the prayer and we all eat and be merry. The highlight for the kids have always been opening the presents at the end of the party. This year I made my favourite Shrimp and Mango Cocktail. It was a big hit at the party!

The easiest salad ever. Just lightly boil some shrimps, cube some ripe mangoes, scatter them on a bed of lettuce and dribble salad dressing over (here I just use Thousand Island). Best served cold. Yummm!

Back to the capri pants, I made it using linen and patched the pockets using my favourite green print. It fits Imran just nice, I just hope he won't outgrow it too fast. I used a pattern from the latest Cucito, Summer 2010.

That's it for now. I'm saving the special birthday dress I sewed for Hanan later. I promise will blog about it soonest as we move into the new home. I have big plans there especially for my bigger and better sewing cum study room. At 9 this morning (July 5th) I'm off to register for my MBA, a new chapter in my life...fingers crossed!

Thank you for reading friends, have a beautiful, loving day :)



  1. Those pants are darling, he's going to look so handsome in them.

    Good luck with your registration! You're going to do amazingly on your MBA.

    Hope the move is going smoothly for you.

  2. wow...that pants are awesome...hats of to you...great work..

    Good luck for your studies and the house move....

  3. Those are great pants! and the salad does look yummy.

  4. cun..
    kain apa u guna utk badan seluar tu ek?
    **good idea for my boys pants..hehe..sbbs eluar je lah yg mampu ku buat.:P

  5. B - thank you! still so much to do, moving is such a hassle :(

    nima - thank you for the wish nima! :)

    kathy - thanks kathy! try the salad, so easy and very yummy indeed! :)

    suzie - thanks babe! badan dia I guna Linen kaler ijau, beli kat nagoya je linen tu :)

  6. Nice work Zura! I never know what to make for boys, those capris are darling! I need to get my butt in gear and start sewing again so I can have some new posts!

  7. Good luck with the move and setling in your new place! Those pants are so cute! Of course he looks happy! ;)

  8. Thank you Katie and Barbara! :) I just got back online and lots to catch up on blogland! :)


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