Thursday, 1 July 2010

Some Sewing Pics and Life Big Update

Hye all! Oh how I miss this blog so, so much!! If you follow me on Twitter you'd probably heard my constant whining of how harried my life is at the moment. Too many things too do, too many changes in such a short time! Well, the big update is of course, enrolling for my full time MBA program this coming Monday (5th July)  AND the big move to our new home the next day! Phewww....! Lots and lots of things to do before the events and yes, lots and lots of adjustments to make after the events.

So, my sewing naturally suffers some setback, no time at all for leisurely sewing for me-self and especially bad with meeting datelines. I'd like to apologize to my patiently waiting customers, I really truly appreciate your understanding! I managed to finish Feena's second dress for her baby, in the sweetest Meadowsweet prints by Sandi Henderson. This time I introduced little pleats on the sundress instead of gathers. 

I also managed to get these two Reversible Camera Strap Covers for the lovely Ida and Hui San. I hope you gals like 'em, they are comfortably padded too :)

Off to get more form filling, medical checkup, packing and moving done! Till later lovely readers, have a wonderful, creative (and not as harried) day! :)


  1. Take care Zura! We will still be here eagerly awaiting your new creations when you crank up the machine again!

  2. Tahniah Puan.. on MBA program & new home.. Pindah mmg penat tapi best... hehe... selamat mengemas... and selamat study.. ;)

  3. awwww!!! sangat canteeekkk!!!! gaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jenny - aww thanks Jenny! I've sewed a few more stuff but no time to blog about them yet, will do soon! :)

    Zila Mamadaniel - thank you dear.. :) Ermmm....takyahlah berpuan2 ngan I kat blog ni dear segan weh hehe...kat ofis lain citer, panggil kak zura je ya? how was your convo? ari tu I intai2 kot nampak erm tapi tak cam ramai2 nun hehe...

    Ida- yeay! it's on its way girl! hope you like it :)

  5. congrates on ur MBA n new home! btw, the orange dress was super duper cute!

  6. lawa r kak...selamat berpindah ke rumah baru=)

  7. beautiful creations & beautiful fabric always..

    soalan kepochi..zura & zila satu ofis ke?

  8. Beautiful work as always! I got the wristlet and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I took it to the movies when I went to see Eclipse WITHOUT the kids and compliments on it :) Thanks so much and I'll mail your package out this week since I'm home!


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