Sunday, 25 July 2010

Candy Bar Handphone Pouch & More Totes

Good morning! Ain't Sundays great? :)

Just a quick post on a few more long overdue projects I managed to complete last week. The above handphone pouch was custom made for a friend at work. I designed the pouuch loosely based on a purchased pouch. She got so many complement of the pouch that she came back and asked me to make 2 more pheww! *kena sabar ya Lin, macam biasa I lems...hehe*

This is a simple tote I whipped up for my domestic helper's little girl. She went back to her country for good after a 3 year loyal service with me. I very sadly let her go as her mother, who's taking care of her little girl is sick and she's needed to look after Putri. We keep constant contact though, she is practically family to us. Thank you Nur...

And this beauty is what I call The Love Tote! In glorious Amy Butler splendour! Another custom order for Lin, serves as her lug around bag as she tote her baby stuff. Love this fabric!

I'm off with the girls for a special first date with a wonderful blog friend. Will blog about the meetup soon. Am also planning to write a bit on our new home. Nothing much to show but I think it's good to document our move so that my girls would not forget where they live before. And after that, more sewing as I have so many overdue orders to sew, queue fitted bedsheet, pillow covers, a clutch, dresses and more dresses!

Till next post, have a glorious Sunday lovely peeps!


  1. That little phone pouch is delightful, how could people not be slathering on the compliments? Speaking of compliments, I got my camera strap and after wrestling it onto my camera I've had tons of people compliment me on it! Thanks so much Zura, you are a true gem for sending it my way, and I love the little note you sent with it and the fabric. (now I need to get my brain going and turn that adorable fabric into something. Hmmmm......

  2. Oh my goodness! Here's a really GOOEY slathery comment from me, Mikhaila! My cell phone lives up to it's name BLACK-berry but if I had this bright candy colored holder, people wouldn't think I was mad as frantically searched for a ringing phone I couldn't see!

  3. hi...

    just nk tanya..mna nk dapat tali bag kanvas mcm beg merah putri tu?

  4. Zura, I nak handphone pouch tue..boleh pilih kain tak? u email i ok? thanks so much!

  5. wow...lovely phone pouch


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