Thursday, 28 November 2013

Another Quilt I Made For The Baby

This is the second quilt I made for Baby Erfan, and this time I was on a roll! :D

I mean, I was so eager to try the real deal - piecing the patchwork, free motion quilting & the works. I felt like I've grown a lot as a quilter after this project.

I used a Lilly & Will layer cake for this quilt. I sashed it using white Kona cotton. For the backing I used a soft polkadots by Robyn Pandolph from my stash, while the binding is from an older Laura Gunn's collection. I love the soft baby'ish hue of green, cream & chocolate in this quilt! It is a bigger quilt of crib size.

This quilt will forever be in my family. As I mentioned in the previous posts, it tells a story of how I was having contractions 5 minutes apart when I was hand binding it lol...

And now that the baby is here, this sweet quilt has been in so many snapshots of my lil bubba....I still cannot get over how precious he is and how lucky we are to have him in our lives :)

Above are his newborn pics, the little boy with a thousand expressions lol...

And this is him at 6 months, already rolling over...that smile is just so contagious!

Till next post, have a blessed day my friends! *hugs*


  1. baby erfan.. muka manja sangatttt tau! hihihi..
    quilt ni memang cantik sangat... kagum sgt.. dgn fmq lagi.. perghhh!
    baby saya pun takde quilt yang mama dia jahit sendiri kak.. hihihi.. idea kemain banyak.. tapi apa pun tak start lagi.. muahahaha... sabar yer anak2.. hahaha...

    1. Haha samalah kita asyik jait orang punya anak2 tak dapat2 lagi huhu...jom kita quilt lagi k? Kagum tengok Zila nyer quilts too so prettY!

  2. lovely quilt..... and cute... erfan!! enjoying the feel of the quilt by his mama. :)


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