Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sewing For Baby + Comments Back To Blogger


First and foremost, I have removed the Disqus commenting system and switched back to Blogger. When I installed Disqus, my main intention was to get that threading comments where I can reply to each comment directly instead of having to use @yourname for every reply. Now that Blogger has (finally) enable that I switched. Well, guess what, removing Disqus just made my blog go crazy where the previous post now have 47 comments! Somehow it has pulled comments from some of my older posts and dumped it in the first post. Other than that, and some duplicate comments in older posts, I pretty much sync-ed all comments and all I want to do is move on. Shall we? :)

Okay, just wanna record here some non-quilts items I sewed for baby Erfan when pregnant with him. I did not get to sew for a newborn with my girls as I only started sewing when Hanan was 2 years old so this time it was fun for me.

First up, the Kimono shirt.

This is one tiny, tiny shirt. And Erfan only got to wear it once during a hospital visit. He was still jaundiced here thus the frail, yellowish tinged on his skin.

Next, I made this Poofy Pants for him :

He wore it a few times, and it is the cutest newborn pants! Here we caught Erfan with his first smile! :)

And I also made this adorable bubble romper for my bean :

I used a pattern from Puperita on Etsy. I loved the roomy shape and just sewing a romper made me happy! :)

Now that Erfan is 6 months old, I so want to sew some clothing for him. Perhaps a buttoned up shirt or simple boy tunic or even a cute pants. Sewing for boys is something new for me but I know I can have fun with this new adventure. 

Till then, thanks for dropping by and try out the new Blogger comment ya? Let me know if you're having problems commenting. Thanks! :) 


  1. Romper tu cute! saya suka pakaikan romper kat baby saya sebab senang.. tak terangkat-angkat baju bila berdukung..bila amik gambar asyik nampak pusat.. hihi... ;)

    Saya pun suka comment form mcm ni.. lebih senang.. :D

    1. Hihi...Erfan kalo t-shirt konfem nampak pusat! Romper dia now semua knit, handmedown dari cousin dia ramai 3 orang boys, jimat duit mummy lol

  2. seronoknyer buat baju baby...
    welcome back to blogger hihihi..

    1. kikiki happy to be backkkk!! thanks for dropping by Mila! :D

  3. hi Zura, great to see baby Erfan.... lovely shirt and romper.....its been really long. I am sure u r very very busy with the new addition in the family.

    1. Hi Preeta!! It's been soooo long!! I have zero energy to blog before, I need to blog more! Yes, we are very caught up with our lil bean at the moment but I really miss blogging....thanks for still reading Preeta! :)

  4. cantiknye...suka tengok hasil seni awak =) bestnye kalau ada kemahiran cenggini..tapi ila xpandai..hehehehe

    1. Thank you dear :) Ila pun boleh buat kalau ada minat :)


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