Friday, 8 November 2013

Little Snippets

...of update that is... :)

Wow...long time no blog....Eid 2013 went by so fast I didn't even get to blog about it this year. I guess I'd just pick up where I left off and try my best to keep this blog alive. Besides, I meant this to be a space my kids would be able to come to and read when they grow up :)

I've been know, living, sewing and mostly...being a mom. And of course, kissing and cuddling this little bear of mine :

Hehe...yup, baby Erfan is now 6 months plus, and growing like weed! And very much loved by his big sisters too. Cheeky and mostly happy...we are blessed.


I'm sure you noticed how chubby he is now...already over 8 kg at 6 months. However, he is  not rolling over yet. Sometimes I forget that he is a premature baby, so mommy is trying not to worry too much with this developmental delay. We still could not believe that he used to look this tiny and frail as a newborn (in the NICU) :

...and 6 months later, he is this cheeky little angel...

...such a delightful baby, always happy and smiling and of course at the center of every camera shots he is with mommy dearest :D

I guess that's all for now. I have mentioned before that other than sewing dresses for my customers, I have now ventured into the exciting world of quilting. I am so hooked, there is no turning back lol. It is now what I obsessed about in my reading, blog haunts etc. I am like a sponge, absorbing all I could learn about the craft. I have been practicing with baby quilts, patchwork blanket and mug rugs.

My next posts will be on the quilting I managed to do, one example is this one I made for Erfan when he was in my tummy :)

Till then, if you are on Instagram, feel free to follow me zura_lovemelots. I post pictures a lot over there :) 

Oh and I also wanna say, thank you for still you! :)

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