Monday, 7 March 2011

Then and Now - Mendocino Dress

Popping in to say hi! :)

I am not ready to talk about my sibling illness. The doctors are doing what they can and we are all here for her, taking turns to take care of her every night. Other than that, life has to go on for my little unit, me, hubby and my girls...

Remember these Mendocino dresses I sewed for my girls in 2009? 

Well, Aisha rarely wears hers (she's not fond of dresses, only tops and tunics with jeans for her) but my little Hanan loves it so much and wears it every other day. Mainly because it's twirly, really comfy and easy to put on and off. And notice how when it was first made, it fell mid calf? Well, fast forward March 2011, this is the dress on the lil miss now :

Just below the knee! And the bodice still fits perfectly! I bet this could be worn as tunic with leggings by end of this year because the colors on that dress is still as vibrant as ever! The exact, main reason why I always use designer cottons. The fabric quality, color saturation is impeccable and stood the test of time. Too bad this whimsical mermaid print is rare and out of print now....

See you again soon. Stay beautiful my friends :)

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