Friday, 27 November 2009

Mendocino Dresses

It's Eid úl Adha and this year we decided not to go back to Kota Bharu as hubby gotta work this weekend and my parents are also celebrating here in Putrajaya. So the girls and me spend the night at my parents' place and I've been sewing up a storm for the girls. I had barely a day to sew from the time I got back from work Thursday and my mom's Eid breakfast . So, at 7.30 am this morning the dresses are ready.

As usual, when pressed for time, I go for simple peasant style. Again, I rely on CarlaC Portrait Peasant pattern for guaranteed result. Another very important reason why I always use her pattern is because her range of sizes covers both my girls (8 and 2T).

The main fabric for both dresses is from the Mendocino line by Heather Ross. Love those whimsical mermaids! The pink & yellow dots fabric is from Summer Soiree by Paula Prass and Hanan's brown-yellow dots from Garden Party line by Anna Maria Horner.

Valuable lesson I learned from this project - I realized when I received the fabric that the Mendocino line is actually lightweight cotton. It is lighter than other quilting cottons. Therefore when I sewed the dresses with the medium weight cottons (the polkadots) the main fabric tend to be weighed down especially by the heavier double thickness ruffle at the bottom. I know now it is best to sew fabrics with similar thread count for best results.

Oh, I also sewed matching headbands for the girls. Great use for scraps and Aisha especially loves it! Hanan and the headband is a different story though. Let me try to relate to you what happened...

At first Hanan refused to put on the headband. Here's Aisha gently coaxing her.

After awhile she decided she wanted it and tried to put it on herself.

Headband in place, suddenly she's happy to pose.

Can you tell how she looks up to her big sis?

The pose is an answer to mommy's question "Show mommy your teeth!"

And of course behind all those whirlwind of activity is a crazy momma with a camera LOL
Happy Eid to all friends and families, enjoy the weekend!


  1. looks cute and pretty....beautiful dress too

  2. amazing colors and so pretty on the girls.

  3. beautiful! i really like the combo..but dont know ler, mendocino is not as exciting as her lighting bugs line.

  4. nima and jennifer - thank you for your sweet comments, it keeps me going :)

    Aida - oh oh lightning bugs!! so, so cute! i love 'em too but the cutest ones i.e. mushrooms, dream bikes & camper van, soooo expensive now...i hate it when a collection goes out of print before i get a chance at a yard or two!

  5. wah cantiknya zura buat... printing pun comel..
    suke lah...

    tibe2 rase nak menjahit sekarang jugak.. :P

  6. i really love the vibrant colour combination and the girls are sooo cute!

  7. a'ah, benci betul, i am not into the gnomes and mushrooms sangat lah but the camper vans, benci betul its already about $17/yard. nasib i managed to get a few prints before she announce she will not make design for a while.


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