Saturday, 26 March 2011

What The Girls Wore To Mya's Party

Okay....Mya's birthday is officially a trilogy here on this blog lol...

I sewed an Apron Knot Dress for lil Hanan and a matching peasant top for big sister Aisha. I used these cute Hunky Dory fabrics in yellow and pink colorway. Very springy don't ya think? Well I love those warm and happy colors and happy colors always make me smile :)

When asked to pose for some pictures before we go the party, Hanan was obliging but I couldn't help giggling at her "model" near-smile...

Then some sisterly time. It lasted for two minutes until the little one showed her impatience - she really could not wait to go to the princess party...

Before I go, I want to show you what my girls wanted me to write for their favorite aunt, my sister Lin, or Cik Su Lin to them...She is still in the hospital, going through radiotherapy and scores of other treatments. Currently, due to the H1N1 and Adenovirus scare, children under 12 yo are not allowed to visit. The girls miss their aunt so much and when my sister asked for their latest pictures, I prepared these and printed them. I asked the girls what they want to say and typed for them. Hanan simply misses Cik Su Lin while Aisha has a longer wish. My sister cried and cried when she saw these and I know how much she misses the girls...I hope the photos would help her through this ordeal, at the very least, let her have the comfort of knowing how much she is loved by all of us...


  1. cantikssnyaa....the apron version... I love to see hanan wearing it..


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