Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mermaid Maxi Dress For Mya

The birthday present from Mummy Zura to little Mya - Mermaid Maxi Dress!

Ida wanted a nightgown for Mya, so I sewed a sleeveless, maxi length dress in this cute MM mermaid print. Thing is it's just too pretty for bed, and Mya wanted to wear it during the day!

So when Ida sent me this pics of the sassy, pretty Mya, happily getting ready to go and play with the dress and other accessories on, I figured, let's call this the Maxi Dress!

Lots of hugs and kisses from me to both of you - Ida and Mya, love you! :)


  1. Oh that is very very cute. My girls would wear it during the day, too. Love that fabric!

  2. i cant stop giggling at the words "...too pretty for the bed". it's.. owh, so true!! she really enjoys wearing it and had too much fun. what more of the compliments she's getting from family & friends who sees her in it. psst... they didn't know it was supposed to be a nightgown. *wink* the bright side, i guess she could still wears this when she has grown waaayyy taller than now =)

    thank you so much mummy zura. we love it, we love YOU... *hugs*


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