Friday, 29 April 2011

Time To Take A Break

Hello lovelies!'s been a while...I miss this space :)

I've been hanging around on Lovemelots Facebook page a lot lately. Lots of promo and getting orders for the upcoming Raya (Eid) together as well as sewing up a storm for the current orders. You know Malaysians are real hardcore Facebook users right? Read about it here . I'm sure Mark Zuckerberg loves us so much :D

I thank all of you for your wonderful and kind support as well as total understanding of my capabilities and its limitations. Keeping it real here, you ladies are wonderful and I feel such an honor to be given the opportunity and trust to dress the little princesses in your life. Now that I am at a juncture of my life where we are making the hard decision of "might" not having another baby, it's a personal joy for me to be able to sew dresses for your little darlings...I stressed on the word "might" there coz I know myself very, very well...I could change my mind in the next 6 months if I happen to see a wiggly lil baby that strikes the right cord with her cutie coo lol....

So now time to take a few weeks break as another whirlwind round of exams, presentations and term papers coming my way. I am still taking orders for Raya slots and fabrics are selling as usual through the shop.

I will return very soon after my finals, looking forward to a wonderful 3 months long break!! Woot woot to that and lots of sewing!! Before I go, here's a wall of some of the current creations by yours truly. THANK YOU and stay gorgeous!!


  1. Beautiful work! Zura, what is that beautiful pink paisley print on the first dress?

  2. Hi Christine! It's a Sis Boom fabric, Jennifer Paganelli's Tanya print from her Poodle Collection. It's gorgeous!


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