Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lots of Accessories Sewing

I have been sewing accessories like a mad woman this past few weeks. And I took some photos to document 'em here. Some are customer orders some are gifts for friends. They did consume a lot of my time, as much as I love the outcome of these, I have decided to stop taking custom orders for accessories and only sell ready made ones whenever I make them. I am now focusing on sewing little girl dresses only.

Some eye candies for you :)

Laptop Sleeve - Custom Order

Assorted Passport Sleeves. A few were gifted.
Bottom pic - Custom order for Puan Razmona & Family.

I received a few orders for the Curvy Clutch, using keykalou pattern. They always turn out cute especially using these quirky fabrics. LOVE!
Prom Curvy Clutch (large) - Custom Order
Vintage Print Curvy Clutch (large) - Custom Order

Baby Curvy Clutch (small) - A gift for my beloved Idamurni :)
That's all for now. I have so many things to write, about sewing, about my study, about lil sister, about everything....but sitting down long enough to do that proves more and more of a challenge lately especially now that the new semester has begun. I will return soon you can count on me. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend and stay gorgeous ladies! *hugs*

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