Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Marissa Dress

You know how much I love anything Sis Boom right?

When I saw the Marissa Dress pattern release on Jennifer Paganelli blog, I just about swoon-ed! It is exactly the vintage look I love on a dress! Since I sew children's clothing, this pattern is a must have! The adult's version called Jamie Dress is equally fantastic too! Click here to see a wall of inspiring creations from Jamie & Marissa - you'll see a familiar face somewhere there (thank you Jennifer!) :)

I made the first one for lil Hanan to test the fit and feel of the pattern - gorgeous! That girl was all smiles and twirls....

Then made this pretty turquoise for Fin's lil princess, Dahleea, size 6-12 months. This dress has a zipper installed on the side seam.

And I made another baby Marissa for my beloved niece, Asma Widad when she came visiting.

Such a perky, happy little cutie, she is now 13 months old I can't believe how fast time flies!

This dress was made in Dena's pretty butterfly print. Also in size 6-12 months. Love it!

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