Friday, 24 December 2010

Aisha's Art

I swear I am not going to whine about my studies today. I bet you’re bored to death reading about it over & over, sorry! J

Picture taken April 2010

Remember in this random post, there's a photo of my girl Aisha holding her drawing?

She is really into art & drawing, but as of today, we have not sent her to any drawing/art classes. Reason is either we can’t afford it or the one we can always clashes with her other classes. But I never stopped encouraging her. I bought her the supplies and books and taught her to just draw either based on what she sees or what she imagines.

I told her, life itself is art. The only limit is your imagination…fly free and just draw and color to your heart desire, be inspired and in return, inspire others.

So here are a few of her drawings I manage to capture. I keep telling myself to frame them…am gonna make another Ikea trip soon for their affordable frames...

What do you think? Some of these were drawn when she was younger (8 to 9 years old). Her favourite medium at the moment is oil pastel because of its vibrant colors. Personally I love them all, but then again, I’m permanently biased  :D

I am seriously thinking of setting up a personal gallery blog for her art & crafty stuff (she is also into sewing now I'll blog about it in another post). We might lose track of what she created in her younger years and I think having her collection in digital form is a great way to preserve her work & the memories. Will do that soon :)

The animals in the drawings are Aisha’s recent works. She learnt how to draw those using a great book by our local, hugely talented illustrator – Emila Yusof. The book, titled Seni Lukisan Haiwan Bersama Kak Emila, costs less than RM10 and such a great buy for my Aisha.

Little Hanan of course wanna be part of the action too!

Before I go, how’s the progress of your Swap project ladies?

I managed to cut & sewed mine and around 50% ready now. Can’t wait to get it done and send it to my lovely partner Ms Ajjah!

Get the sew on girls, thank you for reading and happy crafting! J


  1. Kreatifnya Aisha.. color yang dia pick semua match to each other nicely.. tak sabar nak tgk hasil seni Hanan plak.. :)

    Untuk Swap kiter tu.. partner saya dah tanya alamat saya.. (hehe..excited bebenor noh..)
    Untuk partner saya plak, masih WIP.. sedang diusahakan.. :)

  2. I think u should one day think of sending her for a formal drawing class.. berbaloi sbb aisya mmg berbakat.

    my swap project still in progress.. progress thinking of what to do.. kejap nak buat itu, kejap nak buat ini.. haha

  3. Hi Zura

    I think although you are 'permanently biased', I do think your Aisha has a lot of talent..the colours she chose match well and very pleasing to the eye!! Definitely a talent to develop further!

  4. talented! seriously she has a good taste in color. I guess same as her mother ;)

  5. WOW she is really talented! I LOVE the butterfly one! Have a very Merry Christmas Miss Zura! Where did you get all your cute scrapbook looking tags for your posts?

  6. No classes? That little lady has some mad talent!

    Merry Christmas my friend. Enjoy your holidays with your family and forget about school for a touch. Bet of luck in the new year with your studies though, you're doing so much but doing it so well!

  7. Thank you all for such lovely comments! I'd like to send Aisha to a formal art class soon, hopefully we could find one that is suitable for her AND affordable. Happy holidays to all! :)

  8. So talented! Love her colour choices. Ala2 Kaffe Fasset. Designer in the making. Keep it up!

  9. Btw, another alternative to framing Aisha’s art is to make it into a photobook. Check out, look at the book ideas. you can even make a few copies to give to atuk and nenek for presents. blurb don’t pay me to promote. i just thought it’s a good idea.

  10. She's one talented girl! I agree with others...the colours she uses, menceriakan sungguh. One of her inspiration could be from all your fabrics collections yg gojes2 tu kot ;) heheheh..

    Yes, do check out You are going to love it. ( i pun slowly dah terpengaruh dgn rakan tak sebaya hehehe).

  11. Ah, she is very talented, just like her mother. Thank you for sharing! I will be sure to show my daughters these pictures. They will find them very inspirational!

  12. Hi Katie! I got them from, cute right? It takes longer for me to edit my photos now though lol but I love them! :)

  13. I'd love to try one day Rozi is it very expensive? Btw, love your book so heartwarming :)

  14. I'd love to try one day Rozi is it very expensive? Btw, love your book so heartwarming :)


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