Monday, 27 December 2010

Meet Our New Baby...

Ok this pic makes me look HUGE!

My girls love animals particularly cats. I had one when I was younger but have not adopted any ever since I got married. So when Aisha begged & begged for a kitten I told her okay if she improves her grades. Figured our new home is large enough for a kitten to grow and we now have a small yard for her to run free.  And man...she hit the books like no other & actually did just that. 

So, I kept my words and scoured to adopt a kitten. When I searched there was one Persian cat on offer and like hundreds are interested to adopt. My heart ache for all the scrawny looking domestic kittens waiting...they stand a slimmer chance. So I told my girls - we are going to adopt a kucing kampung (domestic short hair) because it's harder for them to get adoted by a loving family. The girls agreed.

We went all the way to Balakong to adopt her. She was just a tiny 2 months old, a our new baby - Princess Gaga!

Oh how regal I am...look at me all posh and stylin'...

Yep, the cat in Aisha's drawing is a portrait of her beloved kitten, GAGA lol...This one is a delight. She's so active and cheeky and naughty and the girls just adore her. Completely litter trained, saves me lots of headache. Nowadays she's so attached to the girls, she'll cry if they are not around. The vet says she's healthy, she eats a lot and thriving well. One thing for sure, the sewing studio is off limits to her!

Having Gaga teaches my girl responsibilities. And I could see how the love and tenderness they feel for the pet is shaping them to be more caring and loving. I think this is a good decision for the family (thank you hubby for going along with this even when I know you're not really fond of a furry pet *hugs*).

A start of another busy week, til later ladies, have a wonderful day! :)


  1. awwwwwwww... princess gaga really adorable...
    i salute you for you choice- kucing kampung aka dsh.
    bagi makan kibbles or ikan biasa?
    isk isk.. don't get me started with all this cat or kitties talk... nanti non stop

  2. sesemut - Haha memang comel but naughty sangat! When we first adopted her she ate Smartheart kibbles but I found out from the Vet rupanya Smartheart, Friskies & Wiskas are all JUNK food for cats lol! So now dia makan Royal Canin for Kitten kibbles. The thing is being kucing kampung, she always begs for our human food! :)

  3. So cute! I have three myself and just took in two foster cats on Christmas eve for a local shelter! I have 5 in my house right now! It's like heaven to me, I love them so much. Your baby will get so spoiled! She's a lucky one!

  4. glad & good to hear that she's on RC now.sooner or later she'll get use to kibbles. but inform your daughter to be strict with her 'baby' aka your cucu..hahha..
    pamper PG once a week with boiled chicken.

  5. Aw, very cute. I also have three, and two girls. It is a wonderful thing! Hairy but a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours!

  6. She's so adorable I could scream!
    Good for you for finding 'less adoptables' of the adoptables. They need us.

  7. Angie - Yep Angie, she is getting spoiled by the girls now, so pampered! And you have five?? Wow! They are so lucky to find a loving home Angie... :)

    sesemut - I will! Boiled chicken? Baru tau...that sounds healthier than MY food lol

    Kathy - We really enjoy her company now. The first thing the girls look for in the morning is their Gaga too. Another happiness factor is great for them! :)

    Mikhaila - Thank you! Yes, there are so many out there waiting to be adopted. She might not be the best looking but once with us, her personality shines and she is a delight! I guess, it is just the same with us human... :)

  8. A very cute kitty indeed ;) and I really like Aisha's drawing.. it's even cuter! She's talented, just like her mommy :)

  9. hahhaa.. terkejut.. ingat kan baby betul tadi.. tgk2 gambar meow plak... ;)

    lady gaga nampak boleh dipercayai.. hehe...

  10. Awww....thank you Syaf... :)

  11. Awww....thank you Syaf... :)

  12. Hahaha...belum sampai seru nak tambah baby betul huhu

  13. Hahaha...belum sampai seru nak tambah baby betul huhu


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