Monday, 3 May 2010

I Miss My Camera!

Yep, my trusty old camera is out with DH for a week....I feel like I lost my best friend, lol

My camera is a vintage Nikon D40, a hand-me-down from my parents, who obviously thought they could operate a DSLR but found out it's just not fun lugging such a huge camera around and having to peer through the lense when the compacts are simply easier to use. Simple, nothing fancy but only the basic features this D40 is, but I love it anyway.

And me, I have this fascination with photography, just not enough motivation to go and formally learn about the kinks of the art. Most of the time, I just go trigger-happy with snapping photos, praying that 1 or 2 shots are good enough for the blog. But I don't worry too much coz there's always the image editing software to help me with the less than perfect photos. I use mostly Photoscape nowadays coz Photoshop is simply taking too much of my time to learn and master. I wonder how did we live before digital photography?

Let's look at a few of my favorite photo-with-a-story images, as I can't show any of the sewing projects I finished during the weekend till my camera comes back....

If you're wondering, this is my finger, wrapped in Ariel after I accidentally pricked myself with a needle. Little Miss Hanan took one look at the blood and ran to rescue mommy like a little ER/trauma specialist. She took her bandage and insisted I wear it lol. I love how the camera captured even the tiniest lint stuck to the bandage.

Another one of my best friend, my lovely lappy! This photo was taken when I was experimenting with my camera, on manual setting. Believe it or not, I only ever use auto coz as I said I haven't learned all about the fabulous use-manual-and-control photography yet. This photo made me want to explore more because I got that beautiful blurred effect without the help of image editing software, yeay!

Same goes with this kitty. I like that it's sharp and focused on her bright eye and the background is nicely blurred. Hanan loves her, she's always around by the bed waiting to be picked up by a little girl.

Here's Aisha, showing her art. My girl here loves drawing and coloring. She's the type who'd prefer to sit in a corner and draw and color for hours instead of watching TV. Lately she's shown fascination with sewing too. I let her experiment with felt craft a little and hand sewing to get her started. This picture is one of those that need rescuing because it was taken at night, indoor with the flash on. Not the best method in digital photography :)

And last but not least, my little angel, Hanan Alia, at 33 months old, captured here on the bottle before her nap. There is some regret that I could not fully breastfeed her as long as I wanted (I managed with Aisha for almost 3 years!). But she's growing up healthy, so that's all that matters to me. Here the image was edited to give it a softer vintage effect as the original was not very sharp but I love the moment it was captured.

I vow to learn more about digital photography as I love the beauty and story it brings to my blog, where my children will come back to again and again as they grow up, and read what mommy has to tell them.

I found a good resource here in her Photography 101 series, perfect for a beginner like me.

I promise more sewing posts coming up, can't wait till my best friend returns!.Till later, lovely peeps, thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! :)


  1. it was lovely to to want to learn photography...thank you so much for the link...

    I'm sure Aisha is going to carry mama's creativity...her drawing looks awesome...

  2. thanks for the link.. nanti balik nak tanya husband aku.. aku mmg failed bab nak pahamkan setting ni.. hahaha.. jenuh dia ngajar tapi aku tak paham2 gak.. kekekeke

  3. Hi your blog is interesting and love your projects and fabrics. Don't mind if I link you to my blog?

  4. wow ... no wonder all your photos are nice ... I like the last photo ... its like KODAK moment ....


    and I love Aisha's drawing too .. cepat cari frame !


  5. Your girl is so talented.. boleh jadi designer tu... :)

  6. Hi Zura, lovely photographs and thanks for the link, I would love to learn more on that.

    Zura, we are planning to visit Malaysia next month end and would like to know if I can find any crafty shopping places in Kuala lumpur. I believe you live in Penag which is quite far from Kuala lumpur, can you advice??

  7. that's definitely one of my "vows" too -- like how I was thinking today, I can't believe how fast my daughter is growing!

  8. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! I'm still waiting for my camera :(

    Preeta - I could not find your email, please drop me a line and I'll get back to you asap. You'll have heaps of fun in all the crafty places in KL, welcome to Malaysia girl! :)

  9. love the drawing!!love love love

    kena frame!pasal cantekk :)


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