Sunday, 28 November 2010

Pleated Skirt for Aisha

In between sewing custom order dresses for my customers, I took a break, like, for 1-2 hours to sew up something simple for my girls. If I don't do that, they keep pestering me with their requests, I could go crazy! So some skirts would pacify them...for awhile lol

Just a simple pleated, cheerleader style skirt for my sweet Aisha. She wanted one to match the hat I made her. The result looks a bit stiffy coz I did not cut the contrasting print and sew rectangles like what Maya prescribed in her simple instruction for making this skirt. I just simply top stitch the polkadot print on top of a long rectangle of the main print. It works the same but naturally mine is bulkier.

Oh doesn't really matter when the girls are this happy, right? 

Hanan took one look at her big sis's new skirt and immediately ask about her similar skirt I made before. I blogged about it here. Hers is in denim and so cute for this style of skirt. I made Hanan a new skirt too last week but that will be for the next blog post.

I also managed to finish these camera strap covers ordered by Azah months ago. Now that my good friend Maya is back sewing and listing some camera strap covers in the shop, I am temporarily closing orders for these. 

I am so happy Maya is back, we have this unsaid pact that if one of us is unable to sew (due to work demands etc etc) at least we can pass on customer queries to another one of us who is sewing. So, you see, even though we're operating a separate business, with our own separate labels, we are sewing similar stuff. But instead of competing with each other, and be all sour, we turned this into a cooperation thingy, which is healthy. I remember what Maya once said to me, there's no point hoarding the orders, we are so small (one woman operations), it's not like we are able to sew up all the orders on our own if we get say, hundreds of them! Let's share and help each other. So true Mai, I am so lucky to have a level headed, mature sewing friend like you *hugs*

Last but not least, I've drawn up some fun plans for this blog based on your response in the previous post. Thank you so much for the insight, at least I have an idea what my audience is looking for. And BIG hugs to you who are keeping me company on this blog. Will blog about what I have planned soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Can't wait to find out what you have planned!

  2. thanks a lot zura! i do really appreciate this.. terharu rasanya.. nak nangis pun ada..

    pls remember, your blog and works and passions inspiring me a lot. *hugs*

  3. The girls look so cute Zura. Yup I think you gals have a great thing going and its true, 2 or more heads are better than 1 :) So keep working and helping each other and make your 'venture' a force to be reckoned with !

  4. so sweet.. that pant and skirt... reminds me to young japanese fashion style!!

    Zura and maya... I love the concept share and help.. keep it up gals!!

  5. Its so nice to have sewing friends like that! Good for the both of you :)

  6. wahhh enjoy sakan budak2 tuh dapat baju baru yer hihihi. saya yg tengok gambar ni bole rasa keseronokan diorg...

    agree with u that we are so small.. OWO.. one woman operation.. so kalau dapat order katakan 100 helai baju/bag/ what ever pon belum tentu bole buat semua. so why dont we share...but as for me now.. nothing to share sbb I dont take order hahaha...soon kut.

  7. Hi salam kenal..

    Dah follow n linked you.. realy admire your work.. such a piece of art.. u go girl!

  8. Thank you all for the lovely comments :) Yup, I realized having a good & understanding sewing friend makes sewing so much more meaningful & fun! Thank you to ALL of you, my sewing friends, for keeping me company on this blog *hugs*


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