Monday, 12 April 2010

Sew Along with Maya - Pleated Skirt

So sorry I didn't blog much lately, it's been a week since my last post. Real life has completely taken over. Sewing wise, I spent what little time I have to finish custom orders, and yet a few more to go.

I managed to sneak in some fun ME sewing this weekend though. A sewalong hosted by my good friend Maya at her blog.

It's a pleated skirt sewalong. So cute, I love that box pleats technique allows for many fun possibilities when choosing fabric combos. And Maya herself is churning out skirt after skirt, I can hardly keep up. Well, I don't wanna be left out in a sewalong this cute, I made one for Hanan :D
The material is Denim. Yup, my first time working with denim, what a pleasure! I paired it with a plaid print cotton from the Meadowsweet collection by Sandi Henderson. Somehow this type of skirts always remind me of plaids. And have you seen Meadowsweet prints up close?? You'll swoon, I swear!! So pretty and the colors are just so sweet!! Perfect for dresses.
(pssst...Malaysian friends can order thru my shop preorder :D)

There are 8 pleats in this skirt, phewwww! Maya has a simple tutorial in her blog if you're interested to make one. It's in Bahasa, but what's important is the measurement :)

Have you been sewing a lot?
I'm doing a lot of thinking lately, reassessing life and my priorities. And my parents had a pet talk with me too. Lots of reflections to do. I'm gonna take some time for myself this week, take things easy.

Btw, I'm still destashing like crazy in my shop. And I will be listing some vintage sewing patterns too, so good news for fellow Malaysian sewists (I have tonnes of those in my stash). And...ermm...before listing, I'll giveaway a few to my loyal readers including International, yeay!! Stay tuned! :)


  1. akak...sukanya
    so..sweet gabungan kain tu..
    cam nk wat satu lagi lak kt iman..hahaha
    ntah sempat ntah tidak tu..

  2. Zura that skirt is adoreable dont blame you for wanting to join in the sewing fun!

    Shame that Maya's site is in bahasa i still need more than the measurements to help me out LOL

    Giveaway open for INTL...cant wait yippeee

  3. zue - thanks dear...hehe buatlah satu lagi...take your time sampai ujung bulan hehe

    mayya - thanks girl! oh how I wish you'd sew this too, it really is adorable on little girls :)

  4. so cute! a'ah, have been sewing, need to sew bday gift lak for this weekend.

  5. I LOVE that skirt, it is so cute! I'm off to click on the link and see if I can figure it out. I want to make one or two for my girls!

  6. love the plaid print cotton + denim combination. the fabric make the design come alive! cute skirt!

  7. cantik betul skirt tu bila buat dgn jeans.. tambah-tambah lagi bila gabng ngan meedowsweet.. hannan pun nampak happy sgt siap terpusing2.. hahaha!

    thanks zura for joining the sewalong.. tak pasal2 omputih masuk blog aku tau.. hahahha..

  8. So lovely... how I wish I can join this sew along thing.. *sigh*

  9. aida-mesti cantik, you've been busy!

    christine- thanks! can't wait to see yours am sure it will be fab!

    dura - yours pun cantik sangat, gotta love plaid kan?

    mai - tq my fren..hahaha...derang memang teruja je nak join harap2 ada lah tu nanti leh ko feature kan sekalik hehe

    fit - tq luv..ler naper takleh join? kan dah balik? ke mesin jait lom sampai ya?

  10. waa.. cutenye skirt tu :) x pernah try jahit denim.. maybe kene try soon.. ;)

  11. ahhhhhh! That turned out wonderful girl! Denim is a blast to work with isn't it? I'd love to make one for my daughter but the truth is I'm too busy making things for myself and doing other things. :) It's not very often I come first as a mama, but my wardrobe needs a pick me up in a serious way and the kids don't.

  12. Zura can you link me to the tute? I can only find one post that doesn't look like a tutorial. I'm pretty sure I know how this was made, but would love to know what her measurements are. How wide did you make your strips?

  13. wow...very pretty skirt...

  14. aisyah - tq dear. boleh cuba jait denim senang handle, sangat stabil kainnya hehe

    B - yeah, saw on your blog you've been busy with mama stuff lol! Love it, can't wait to see what you come out next :)

    Christine - I emailed you the link & measurement earlier today, let me know if anything ya? So excited wait to see your version!

    Nima - awww thank you my friend! :)

  15. so cute dear, yeap that meadowsweet is soooo sweet! Where did you buy the denim, its such a nice color

  16. aaawwwww so sweet.. really in love with the fabric combination.. my hands are itching to try making them.. they look soo yummy..


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