Friday, 26 November 2010

Sisters Sisters & This Blog

Remember this dress? I sewed 2 of these beauties for a lovely customer Allyza as she wanted her girls to wear them to a blue themed wedding, size 2T and 5T. I personally love the combo, as I rarely sew anything blue. For this vintage style dress, its best to pair large scale print with a smaller scale lining & ribbon sash. Absoulutely stunning. And I just squealed with delight when Allyza sent me the pics of her girls wearing them!

Adorbs!! Pretty, cheeky sisters, in Lovemelots dresses. Love them at this age, aren't they beautiful? Thank you so much Allyza for sending me the pics, I truly appreciate it :)

And about this blog. I've been thinking of some new content to make it more interesting. I want this to be more than just a place for me to document my sewing, but also where you, lovely readers, could come for some fun activities or read about some useful info related to sewing and the small business that many aspires to do. 

We Malaysians are an entrepreneurial lot. Especially us, ladies. The drive comes from mainly one thing - our children. Being in a developing country where women makes up almost 50% of the total workforce, you can totally understand why more and more of us ladies want to start our own business, perhaps from home, and be able to raise the children ourselves. Going out to work for most of us is not by choice, but being good at multi tasking, we can still manage, even though in our hearts we struggle with the guilt and desire to be close to our children at all times.

Let me know if you have some suggestions what you'd like to see more in this blog. Would you join me if I plan activities such as swaps or sewalongs? Or how about a beginner sewing series? Or Sewing/Craft Business 101? A sewing challenge? More tutorials? Recipes? Or you'd prefer the blog to stay as it is? Please share in the comments, I'd love to hear from you.

Till later, lots of love and so much more from Putrajaya to the special, beautiful YOU. *hugs*


  1. "activities such as swaps or sewalongs? Or how about a beginner sewing series? Or Sewing/Craft Business 101? A sewing challenge? More tutorials?"

    saya suka semua di atas! (^__^)

  2. Beginner sewing series, please! I'd love that!! And I totally agree with you. WAHM is the way to go;)

  3. Swaps and sew alongs are always fun but I'd be interested in a business 101 thing as well. Challenges? Bring it on!

  4. hi zura,
    i've been following your blog for quite a while .. silently of course..(am a shy reader).
    love all the suggestion. specially the swap & sew along. count me in your list.

  5. handmade swap tu mcm best jer kan... sew a long tak banyak beza ngan blog lain tp sesekala best jugak, as a motivation to us.

  6. hi zura,
    semua yg zura suggest mmg interesting sgt tp yg memikat hatiku yg baru berjinak menjahit ni "beginner sewing series".. mesti best coz tak byk blog yg buat camni lagi... & dpt la zura perturunkan ilmu mcm mana nak jahit dress yg kemas & cantik tu..:))really love your work :))

  7. all are fantastic especially beginner seing series. count me in...:D

  8. oops.. typo error le pulak... beginner sewing series... hehehe...

  9. ya Allah! baju tu sangat cantik & budak2 tu sangat comel betul...

    & saya sokong semua cadangan di atas..

  10. Tq Zura..your blog very inspiring me....anyway...beginner sewing series tu baguss sangattt...sokonggg...


  11. Thank you ladies for your comments and insights. I can see many are interested in a sewing series and also some biz tips. I have already drawn up a plan, hope we can realize the together! Will write about them in the next post. :)

  12. Hi Zura,

    You know what I'd like more? How you manage your time! How do you juggle with so much in your plate? Work, girls, sewing, studies! and craftzone! I have only work, kids, & sewing, and I'm always, ALWAYS, in a rush! Do tell!


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