Thursday, 12 August 2010

Old and New

An entry to record our move and the changes around my real life.

Hanan is right now too little to remember that she once spent 2 years of her early life in this link house. So I'm posting these pics for my girls :)

We have now moved to a better house just 2 kilometres away from the previous home. Inside, its very bare as we are still living in government quarters. I refrain from buying good furniture until we move to our own permanent home. This is our 5th move ever since I joined the public service believe it or not. This picture was taken when we were in the middle of moving. The MPV is not mine, I borrowed my dad's to move the smaller stuff :)

This is the old sewing nook of mine. I blogged about it here.

The new sewing room is bigger, better with ceiling fan and very brightly lit. I converted the guest room downstairs into a small studio.

I found the perfect L-shaped solid wood workstation from a thrift store in Sungai Manggis and I am just loving the space. But as you can see, the room still sorely need to be organised. You notice how I just simply shoved everything under the table? Told you I hate cleaning and am really not an organised person. Want more proof?

LOL! Look at those WIP! These pictures were taken immediately after I came back from class (see the bags strewn everywhere?) and I just feel completely at home in this ME space lol
One wall is turned into mini show area. I love walking into the room and be rewarded with the pleasant view of my work. Most of these dresses are sold now. What you don’t see here is another corner of the room where my magic closet and drawer chests are. Yup, the ones where I hide all my precious fabric stash.

And last but not least, while we are under this Old vs New topic, I cut Hanan’s hair today.

This is her getting prepped for the cut.

And these are the after shots!

Sorry for the pic overload but I just love her smiles here and how she happily swishing her new hair style left and right lol.

Yes I cut my girls’ hair myself. Since they have wavy/semi-curly hair it easily hide imperfections. Save me some $$ from going to the barber/hair salon too J
Thank you for reading lovely peeps, have a great day!


  1. What a great space you have to sew in! Are all those books sewing related? You have to do a post on those, I always love to see what people have/use in that department and see if I am missing something that I desperately need to pick up.

    I cut my kids hair too. It's pretty easy, and saves tons of money. I just chopped my sons and made it look like his dad's hair (which I also cut) and it's amazing how grown up he looks all of a sudden. I thought the same thing with Hanan's before and after shots, she looks so grown up with her new hair cut!

  2. Love your new workstation. The L shaped table scores! And hanan looks so adorable in her new haircut. Good job mama!

  3. wah..bestnya ada bilik menjahit sendiri..
    nk semak @kemas xde hal punya..yg penting kite selesa ..hahaha..
    very cute hannan..comey sungguh dia senyum..hehe..

  4. Hanan is soo adorable..the dresses too..
    Tersengih2 i baca posting pasal bilik menjahit ni..mcm lebih kurang mine je..

    last sekali..i nampak darla! Heaven sungguh!

  5. B - thank you B! Yes those are all the sewing related books I hoard lol. The ones against the wall are Japanese & others are in English. Will blog about them one day :) I'm with you on momma cutting the kids hair!

    Aza - thanks girl! hehe workstation tu until today I tak caya I could get so cheap and I love it so much! Hanan rarely smiles for the camera so I suka sangat when she does today :D

    zue - haha sib baik...akak memang takleh nk kemas esp time tengah ada projek jait hehe...thanks zue!

    suzie - hahaha ada geng, best!! kalo kemas sangat nanti orang ingat betul ke dia ni menjait (nak cover la tu) lol. thanks suzie! :)

  6. I like the little sewing haven you have set up for yourself! I am a very disorganized person too when it comes to sewing. I love to sew but I hate to clean up! haha.

    Hanan's new hairstyle is very cute! Good job!

  7. Bestnyer dapat a sewing room.. kalau bersepah pon tutp jer pintu tuh hahaha.... what I have is just a corner at the family area.. so kalau taknak sakit mata, kena kemas selalu hahaha.. a motivation for me to organised my corner..

    the hairstayle is cute.. my lil Izzah cuma akan potong rambut dengan mak dia shj (who is my mother.. she is cucu mak.. not cucu nenek hahaha)

  8. Congratulations on your new house. Hope to see more works from you once you have settled down.

  9. What a great new sewing space! And a lovely haircut.

  10. I loved this post thank you for letting us in your sewing room you reminded that i have a long forgotten post about my sewing room that i did to post up!

    Hanan looks much cuter, i cant tell if its the new hair cut, the shy smile or both!

    Good on your for cutting her hair you do indeed save lots of $$$

  11. Great sewing space! I wish!.... And thaks for the blog birthday wishes! Made me very happy! :)

  12. LOL you and I are so much alike! My little work station is always a complete mess. I wish I were organized but can never seem to get it together. I'm hoping to start over once we move and reorganize myself. We move in just a couple weeks. Wish me luck!

  13. Hi Zura, After a long time I have been able to visit my favourite blogs. Honestly after the long vacation I have still not got the mojo to do anything creative as such.
    I really hope I can kick start soon.
    Your sewing room is a haven. I am happy you a have got a bigger place for your creativity.
    Hanan is looking really cute.

  14. I cut my daughter's hair my self too,and her name is also Hana!Your Hanan is beautiful and for your sewing room,what can I say...I envy you!

  15. I've been wondering what to do with my craft space. The L shaped table seems very practical for multi purpose tasks. I like the notion of being able to swing on a swivel chair from the sewing machine to the cutting board.
    I also love your colour combinations on your dresses. How fun!

  16. i also live in in precint 14 but only the apartment..i make one room as my sewing studio since everyone is pack in one room sbb masing2 penakut.hehehe

  17. cantiknya bilik jahit akak..saya suka..


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