Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Crown Princess - Soft & Sweet

A soft and sweet dress for my little Crown Princess....

I rarely buys softer shade fabrics but from now on I'll be on the hunt for more. I think they look more sophisticated in their own muted ways....

Made from a soft Amy Butler print and this really cute MM Crown print

Perfect for the little Crown Princess Hanan! :)


  1. she looks adorable... and love the crown printed fabric..

    best nyer ada anak pompuan... :)

  2. so cun. so cute. so adorable... both d dress & d princess, of course!

  3. Cute dress! Hannah looks ADORABLE in it :)

  4. she is very adorable...and a lovely dress u have made for the fabric.

  5. cath j - thank you! the crown fabric is so pretty in soft plum tone. very sweet to me :)

    rosh - thanks rosh! susah nak dapat Hanan smiling, this means she really likes it :)

    katie - awww thanks Katie!

    Anne - hi! thank you anne, i love the AB fabric so much, such pretty, sophisticated colors :)

  6. really really sweet indeed:)

  7. sooo sweet...
    lepas ni color baby blue plak puan... coool..

  8. Hi, your clothes are awesome! May I know whereabouts do you get your fabric from? They're very cute!


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