Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Salam Ramadhan & Another Special Bella Dress

This Bella dress is a custom order for a darling little baby Serena....she will turn 1 this 28th of August and I hope it will arrive on time. Yes, this dress is now well on its way to find its owner all the way in Chicago, IL! My first International custom order, I'm happy with the result. 

I LOVE sewing this Bella dress, I can't say enough. At a bigger size, it was easier to maneuver compared to the smaller size. Check out the sash and believe it or not, that ruffle is hand pleated. It took me a relaxing 20 minutes just to hand pleat the ruffle and the result is so worth it. Oh, and I added a cute little detail too! Check out that peaking little bird :)

I'm hoping this dress will fit the little princess I sewed it for, and I'd love to see a picture of her in it. To Mikhaila, thank you for your order and trust in me, I really appreciate it *hugs*

Lastly, to all Muslim friends, I'd like to wish all of you Salam  Ramadhan and Happy Fasting! May this holy month brings us much love and prosperity and that our ibadah is accepted by Him. Ameen.


  1. zura, this is sooooo very cute, just like the previous one. label pun sgt kiut.

    selamat berpuasa!

  2. The peeking bird label is so cute! hehe.

  3. da makin ramai order baju bella ni ye :)

  4. So beautiful. And Happy Fasting to you

  5. Thank you Zura,
    I hope everyone will like
    photos of little Serena wearing this
    gorgeous creation of yours!
    I love the bird too.

  6. cantik sgt...
    tgh berangan nk wat bella dress ni gak..hahaha..
    kain yg dah potong pun x jahit lg ni..hihhi/..

  7. What a gorgeous dress and the little bird is just fabulous. I've just discovered your site and am inspired by your fabric choices. From my little family here in Oregon in the US, and particularly on behalf of my Muslim brother-in-law, I say to you Salam Ramadan and happy fasting as well!

  8. suzie - thanks girl! Label tu actually ribbon I selit jek kat situ, suka! :) selamat berpuasa dear :)

    sertyan - thank you I love it too! :)

    feena - a-alah feena sumer berkenan lepas tengok baju your princess hehe

    kathy - oh thank you kathy! *hugs*

    Mikhaila - thank YOU! Oh I can't wait to see a picture of Serena in this dress. I hope it fits! :)

    djStoreroom - thank you :)

    zue - mehla wat sama yang I ada satu lagi in progress bersama-sama 14 pasang dresses lagi yg belum jait huhu...samalah kita

    Staci - hye! thank you so much for the wish! i'm so happy you found my blog, I really appreciate you reading and commenting. Thanks Staci! :)


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