Thursday, 5 November 2009

Ramblings at Noon

It's lunch hour, I'm not going out (asked a friend to pack me lunch). While waiting for her, my thoughts are on my unfinished sewing project. Yes, I'm still struggling with that garment I'm sewing for myself. The neckline facing is giving me headache. I only managed to sneak in a few stitches here and there after work...very slow progress...sighhh...

I have to stay positive or else I'll end up with another unfinished project. That's NOT gonna happen coz the amount of fabric at stake is HUGE!

While I'm telling myself to persevere, lemme give you a peek of my little sewing nook.

Nothing much to show. I have my own little corner in the spare bedroom downstairs. I don't have a cutting table. I do all my cutting on the floor. I also don't own a serger (my biggest wish is to have one). It's handy to have the ironing station right beside the sewing table. The fabric bolts laid flat on the right are from my shop. I'd rather not shock you with my fabric stash, will reserve that for another post lol. This photo was taken a few months back. The plastic stool is now replaced with a much comfier green chair.

Guess who's always around when I'm sewing?

On a good day (which is not everyday), lil miss Hanan will hang around in the sewing room, allowing me to sew. She'd entertain herself with her humming and singing and unintelligible ramblings. I try to keep her distracted by singing and humming along and joining whatever conversation she wanted to have. Most of the time she's well behaved and understand the do's and the dont's. But sometimes a sneaky hand would reach out and press the buttons on the sewing machine. Here, she seems to like the messiness LOL....


  1. Hi Zura! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. i also cut my fabric on the floor,easier..heheheh

  3. Crafty Mom - Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog too! Love the creative vibes in your blog, I will visit often :)

    Anasfadilah - hehe...betul kan? senang nak tebar kain n cut..tapi kenkadang sakit pinggang gak dibuatnya lol

  4. zura... i pun asalnya mula-mula menjahit, potong kain atas lantai je... ikut cara arwah mak... tapi lately ni sejak ada rotary cutter... suka pulak potong kain atas meja... mcm senang la pulak... ala i guna meja makan ... i nampak your fab stash... cantik2nya.. selamat menjahit.

  5. kak ain - zura ada rotary cutter, pun main hentam potong atas matt hijau on the floor gak coz malas nak usung sumer gi kat dinner table kat ruang tamu hehe...akak..yg kat tepi tu fabric yg jual, personal fabric stash kalu akak tengok mesti geleng kepala...zura ni kira serial stasher...selalu rasa guilty tapi suka punya pasal sanggup apa saja huhu...takpe yang penting happy & puas dapat menjahit :D


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