Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Sew It - Baby Booties

Done! Itty bitty baby booties in Tula Pink Hushabye fabrics in the prettiest sage and pink combo :D

This week's Sew It we're sewing these cuties from Stardustshoes's very popular Cloth Shoe Pattern. This is my first time sewing baby booties, I tell you, it's not easy working with tiny pieces of fabrics especially circular ones. Working it on the machine, careful not to botch the seam allowance, phewww.....

BUT, I'm so glad I made it! I mean how can I not smile looking at those bunnies? And the warm colors are just awesome!
The side view, picture taken before I sewed the buttons on top. Without the buttons the top is a bit ruched as it is pulled by the elastic inside. I used felt for the soles and lined them with solid Kona cotton. I also forgot about interfacing the fabric but it turned out okay.

I don't have small feet this size in the house anymore (oh how I miss those wiggly toes). The only baby in the family now is my newborn niece I made the quilt for before. I've yet to meet her, waiting for hubby to get away from work a day or two to go back to my hometown and see the precious Asma Widad.

And of course these booties will be hers! :)


  1. Salam Zura,...Viewed your blog. Love your many variety of hand-made pretty products. The fabric you're working with are lovely.

  2. Those turned out so sweet! That new niece is lucky to be getting those. Fabric choice is perfect too, love the combination.

  3. this is so cute! I love the fabric, works for both girl or boy :-)

  4. One word...ADOREABLE i loved the fabric just perfect love love love it.

    So glad you managed to join Sew it :)

  5. akak...comelnya..cute tgk..geram pun ade...hihi.. :)

  6. oh...i love it...beautiful fabric...

  7. Zura , yours look perfect! so cute and adorable!Lovely choice of fabric too.Your niece is lucky to have such a talented aunt :)

  8. cutenya booties ni.
    again, wonderful fabric combo.

    i pun dah lama nak buat booties ni, dari Emir 2bln sampai sekarang dah 10bln tak terbuat pun haha..

  9. From Widad :- 10-Q mummy zura!!! X sabar nak pakai dgn gaun hijau widad.
    p/s: widad tgh selsema la...

  10. Oh! those are so cute! I've always wanted to try making some of these!

  11. Oh! I love the color. You did a great job. How did you keep them from bunching on the sides?

  12. Oh thank you all for the wonderful comments! I was SO busy at work today I could not get to replying at all, how sad is that. So glad many of you think that the fabric is pretty too! :)

    To Melissa - I just followed the tutorial, did not change anything and they didn't bunch on the sides. I guess the felt sole helped. I think the type of material we choose for the sole really matters here :)

  13. I love these! I was wondering if booties are hard to make, I haven't attempted them yet, but I will once we move from Puerto Rico back home when my baby's tooties will actually get cold, LOL!


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